Coffee Break [6/1/20]

It can be a struggle to get through the second part of the day.

I once worked with a woman who was so boring I caught myself yawning while she told me about her boyfriend’s suicide attempt. And for a brief moment I wondered if the prospect of death seemed better to him than continuing to live with her. Of course I was immediately and deeply ashamed of such a thought as I in no way take suicide lightly. She was just that dull!

How’s your day going?



    • I get to work from home this Friday. Super excited. Commute of about 20 feet, pants optional, and I will be more productive without being pestered in the office or hospital.

    • I work from home too, and it’s not without its perils haha. At first I scheduled myself all these outings so I would be part of society, but now I can go like 4 days without leaving the house (other than dog walks) and not even notice. One of my friends can always tell when I’ve been doing that because she says I talk too much if I haven’t seen anyone (other than my husband) in a while.

      I also had to buy a step counter – not so much because of weight loss or anything (though that would be nice), but more because I realized there were some days, especially if it was bad weather and I didn’t walk the dog, that I’d take like 300 steps and I was like….uhhh I quit working for The Man and commuting because I thought it was going to send me to an early grave but this is not exactly helpful…haha.

  1. I usually keep to only 2 cups of java a day. Granted my cups are 12oz each so I’m getting a pretty good dose in the AM and I do my best to avoid any sodas during the day too.

    My question would be what would be considered too early to start dipping into the pretzels and cheez-its from the break room???

    I try to never go before 10am but some days I need my junk fix before then. Especially if I didn’t get my cup of trail mix when I get in 1st thing. I like to use a coffee cup (not the one I use for coffee) for my snacks so my co-workers can think I only got a cup of coffee or tea and not a pound of snacks.

    • I think disguised as a cup of coffee, no time is too early! Besides it’s nobody’s business but yours. My daughter gets up hours before she leaves for work, she likes to ease into the day. So by 9 she’s ready for a snack while coworkers who ate breakfast in the car on the way to work won’t need one for a couple of hours yet. Get your snack Old Man!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. I can’t think of another character actor who could do this role better. Not even my beloved Steven Root.

  2. In my old age I have made a point to limit my coffee intake (especially in the afternoon) but honestly I could drink it nonstop. There is no limit to the amount of coffee I want. When I smell it I start drooling. I started drinking it with my dad in the mornings before school/work when I was like 11 because for some reason my parents felt like that was an acceptable habit for me to have. In high school I stopped sweetening it, and in college at some point I stopped using any sort of milk or creamer. Now it is black and bitter like my outlook on life.

    • Espresso or French roast, or water.

      If you truly love to drink coffee throughout the day, you can find decaf French roast beans and then custom blend your own mix of caf/decaf blend; or Vons/Safeway chains sell their Select brand 50/50 French Roast ground.

      • Decaf has historically disappointed me! I tend to like a medium-ish roast (fun fact, the lighter the roast, the more caffeine!), but I’m not really that picky as long as it’s high quality.

    • I come from a long line of serious coffee drinkers,there was always a pot on in our house. My father used to drink his last cup of the day during the 11 pm news, then go to bed. My brother used to put a spoonful in his kids milk, because they wanted what he was drinking, and we did the same with my daughter. They all developed a taste for it early. None of us use sugar but we all use cream, real cream or at least half and half. I’ve managed to overcome several addictions, but I don’t think I’d ever be able to kick coffee.

      • I don’t know if it’s YMMV kind of thing but the only time in my life I remember being able to drink coffee all day from breakfast to bed & never get that damn-I-drank-too-much-coffee feeling I’m pretty sure the only variable I haven’t managed to replicate was that it was exclusively jamaican blue mountain coffee?

        mind you, there is a part of me that wants to know what the results would taste like if you recreated the method described by the guy in breaking bad…so what do I know?

        maybe there’s nothing to it but I’ve harbored a suspicion ever since that the reason the blue mountain stuff is so much more expensive than regular coffee pretty much boils down to that phenomenon…

        either way I’d pick black coffee over the traditional cup o’ tea (with or without the milk & two sugars) every day & twice on mondays as the saying doesn’t quite go…so I’m willing to attest to being team coffee even if I am enough of a heathen to put sugar in it sometimes?

      • Stuck in hospital after surgery last year, my nurses had the irritating habit of waking me at 4:30 a.m. for labs, when coffee didn’t arrive until 6:30 or 7:00 with breakfast. To add insult to very real injury, I was told coffee on my floor was decaf due to the ‘ward’.

        After a polite discussion with my nurses, it was determined that unless caffeinated coffee was included in one hand of the lab tech, no blood would drawn with the other; because if you’re waking me up at 4:30 in the morning, and it’s NOT an emergency, you damn well better have a cup of caffeinated coffee in your hand.

        (and I’m with you on the cream or half-and-half – no flavoured creamers or sweeteners or partially hydrogenated oils for me.)

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