Coffee or Tea? [NOT 27/8/21]

Do you extend your pinky when drinking?

Are you a coffee or tea type of DeadSplinterite?  

I’m mostly a coffee drinker. I like variety and flavored coffees, including a primo blackberry brandy from a local roaster, a sophisticated Vietnamese brand, and the caffeine-laden DeathWish. When I do go for tea, I like it spicy – cinnamon, chai, whatever. I’d probably drink more of it if I had an electric tea kettle.

What about you?

Do you drink coffee, tea, or both? Or are you a healthy drinker of water in lieu of coffee or tea? Do you have recommendations for the best brands of coffee or tea? What do you add to your hot beverage? Cream, sugar, lemon, honey?

Happy Weekend!

PS: here is a link to the mostly gross historical reasons for extending one’s little finger when drinking.

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  1. coffee… sugar….and dont call it an americano….its coffee (well…with the cheap instant shit i favour….its probably coffee)
    tea is my emergency backup…if my probably coffee runs out….milky…with a bikky

  2. Genuinely, I’m an aficionado of both. 
    I’m definitely a third-wave coffee snob (I took barista training for the hell of it, and now I can occasionally produce latte art, but I honestly don’t get enough practice these days), and in the early days was a fan of Intelligentsia and Ninth St. Espresso. Stumptown is also quite good, as are Heart (also Portland) and Verve. 49th Parallel in Vancouver rocks. Australian roaster Toby’s Estate was also terrific for the brief time it was in NYC (Bluestone Lane is a respectable Aussie replacement). I used to love Four Barrel, but their stuff has gone downhill in the last five years. So many more, too many more to name. 
    As for tea, that’s endless and I have an extensive tea collection (what I buy for gifts and souvenirs when I’m travelling always includes tea, coffee, and chocolates) because it tends to last longer than coffee stuff. Tea is certainly more versatile and I enjoy it more in the afternoon and evening (coffee for morning and afternoon; espresso after dinner). People assume it’s my English part that explains it, but what culture doesn’t have some connection to tea drinking? 

  3. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker, and now that I can sleep until 7am I don’t drink coffee at all.  However, when I did have coffee before my morning commute, I would make NM Piñon Coffee, which is fucking glorious.

    I will only drink tea in the winter time.  No I do not drink iced tea because that shit is heinous.  I’ll drink a blend called Bengal Spice with some honey and a little milk, or–if I’m feeling sick–I’ll have some raspberry tea with honey, which is excellent for my sore throat.

  4. Coffay,  black w 1 tbsp sugar, 2 16 ozers a day. Hot tea in the winter, on snowy days. Mom used to make sun brewed unsweetened iced tea in the summer, that shit was bangin.

  5. I like both. One cup of coffee in the morning, and since I don’t actually like the taste of coffee, i add flavored creamer. I always have a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge and drink it hot in the winter. I am not above grabbing a PSL or chai latte from Starbucks.

  6. TEA 

    I love tea.

    I don’t like coffee, but I do love the smell.

    Tea is where it’s at!

    I like a nice breakfast tea in the mornings. If you’ve only seen English breakfast tea, fuck the Brits, look for Irish or Scottish breakfast tea blends. Irish breakfast tea is a little redder when brewed and has a lovely malty flavor to it. Scottish breakfast tea is stronger than English and has a heavier flavor. Both are superior to English breakfast tea because they have more Assam tea leaves in their blends.

    I had a first flush darjeeling that was so savory but I finished off those leaves a while back. 

    Oolongs are great because they’re a little lower in caffeine than black teas, but the flavor is still really complex and robust. 

    Silver needle tea is something I haven’t been able to get in a while, but it’s amazing and subtle and low-caffeine so great for afternoons and evenings.

    If you don’t use loose leaf tea and feel like it’s a hassle or more expensive, well it can be a little annoying to get in the habit of brewing. Normally I can brew the same leaves 3 times though so the cost isn’t as bad as it looks.


    I drink anywhere from 3-6 cups of hot tea a day and I enjoy iced tea as well. 

  7. I’m not terribly picky.  I tend towards coffee, black, no sugar, lukewarm/tepid.  Tea is fine, and I’ll drink it at home just because I don’t need a whole separate appliance to make it.  I tend to like Earl Grey, but I’m generally open to whatever.  Just straight, no sugar/milk.  mostly I just don’t like milk.  Butter, cheese, and ice cream are all great, and I guess it’s useful for baking and cooking, but I’ve no interest in drinking that stuff.
    If I’m driving for work or on a roadtrip or similar, I’m often getting things from a gas station or convenience store, so I’ll often just get those weird gas station cappuchinos, or maybe even an energy drink – I often want some sugar as well as the caffeine, and coffee in unknown gas stations is a crapshot – lots are perfectly fine, but there is almost nothing worse than a watery black coffee, and that is fairly common in gas stations and convenience stores in my experience.  They probably saved a whole $0.02 per quart, and ensured I will never again get coffee there…

    • @Lochaber, there is a chain of gas station and convenience stores around here/east coast (I have no clue how wide a swath they dominate) called Sheetz. Apparently their coffee is superior and their sandwiches are made to order, better than some lunch spots. This according to my son who is in sales and spends a ton of time on the road, considers himself an expert on such things. 

      Also I am laughing my head off…the silly phone just auto corrected “my son who is in sales” to “my son who is a salad”. 

  8. I grew up in PA, and vaguely remember sheetz, but not really anything more specific than their existence, it was a few more years after I left that area before I started drinking coffee regularly.

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