Coming Soon? [NOT 8/4/22]

Hi, friends!

Happy Thursday!

Anything coming soon to tv or theatres that you’re interested in?

I saw a tv ad for a docudrama based off Jon Krakauer’s amazing book Under the Banner of Heaven. The book is about Mormon Fundamentalism and how it was a key part of a murder back in the 1980s. But also, the book is about Mormon Fundamentalism in general and how it’s impacted a lot of communities and fucked around with the law.

Anyways, I am sure they’ll write a decent docudrama off the actual murder case in the 1980s, but the overall book is so much more and definitely worth reading!



  1. Growing up Duke was our God!  We all wanted to be him, swim like him and surf like him.  When I saw they are finally making a movie about him I was so excited and can’t wait to see this!


  2. Krakauer is an excellent writer, that book will make a good docudrama. I heard some time ago that Netflix was making a Redwall series but so far there’s been no word on a date. I hope it’s still happening.
    Another coming soon – my new car. I’m picking it up tomorrow. And trading in my 2004 Outback with 168,000 miles. Huzzah!

      • Lol I don’t really like the Outback as much as the Forester. I got a great deal on it at the time. Otherwise I probably would hang onto it for a couple more years.

    • My wife was driving back from a math conference in Athens, Georgia and her car blew an engine last Friday.  We were hoping to get another five years out of that car, but now we have to find another.  This is probably the worst possible time to buy a vehicle, but we’re stuck.  Ain’t no public transport here in the hill country.  We’re still waiting to hear from the mechanic in North Carolina (where the engine blew) to see how much putting another motor in will cost).  It’s not good.

      If I hit the number this weekend, I’m just going to buy both of us new Subarus and be done with it.  Fingers crossed.

    • I bought my daughters 2003 Outback with close to that # of miles about 4 years ago.  It had some issues & I had to get some work done but since then it has run great & must be over 200,000 now.  I’m hoping it will keep going for 3 more years & get her through college.

  3. I am loathe to ever shit on anyone’s faith, because I believe in a lot of crazy stuff myself, but some of the more occult LDS origins are kind of eye-opening.  And some of their later activities were quite sinister.

    I mean, I grew up a Roman Catholic so I shouldn’t be one to talk, but man, there is some nutty and scary stuff in there.

    • I think the level of cray cray that exists with fundies in general is that fundies are fucking nutty.

      Like once it veers from “flavor of religion” into “hey this is a cult” then whammo all bets are off.

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