Sleep [NOT 07/01/22]

I had the awesome experience of spending last night at a local medical complex for a sleep study. I have sleep apnea and this was to see if anything needed to be changed or updated. Needless to say it wasn’t a completely restful night. I am looking forward to sleeping peacefully in my own bed tonight. What kind of sleeper are you? Can you still survive sleeping on the floor? A pillow you can’t do without?



  1. My daughter just did a sleep study & loved it.  Naps on demand was right up her alley.  Although, she hated being woken up.  I love my flat pillow but I snore so my wife made me use more pillows.  Now I have a SmartNora that inflates my pillow when I snore & random other times!  I’m not sure it helps other than randomly waking me up when it inflates.  The other night I was awake & my wife started snoring & inflated my pillow!  Fuck!  Can’t catch a break.

  2. Typically I am a very easy sleeper. Can fall asleep with lights, no lights, tv, no tv, etc etc.

    However last night was some of the worst sleep I have had in a long time.

    Mainly because around 11pm last night I realized the external pipe for my sump pump discharge had frozen solid and my sump pit in the basement was fairly close to overflowing and flooding that corner of the basement. But like… 8 degrees before windchill and 11pm and me not having anything close to the appropriate winter clothes to deal with that? Yeah no that had to wait for daylight.

    Anyways my cold ass got out there with an extension cord and hair dryer around 11am (a balmy 11 degrees) and thawed it out and was able to turn back on the sump pump. And even better the sump pit did not overflow.

    But as you can imagine, I had a very hard time falling asleep and staying asleep last night. It was definitely the high caffeine tea blend this morning! 😀

  3. I got woken up at 5:30 this morning by a robo call announcing my daughter’s school opening was going to be delayed by two hours , and then I was woken up an hour later with a call announcing school was closed. I really wish they had just made one call.

    My wife worked in college for a study on sleep deprivation and said the subjects by the end were in horrible shape, and they hadn’t even been pushed that far. This was well before the Iraq War, and the psychologists working for the CIA and DOD who signed off on sleep deprivation for captives knew without a doubt they were promoting torture in an unquestionable form. There needed to be much more drastic consequences for the psychologists involved, including the leadership of the American Psychological Association who worked for the collaboration with the US torturers.

    Sorry about the downer. Getting woken twice too early does that me.

    • My Catholic high school required us to go to an intensive weekend retreat about an hour and a half from our homes. They intentionally made us sleep deprived, woke us up from the little sleep we were allowed, no tv/radio/phones/internet, etc., made us watch extremely emotionally involved things, etc. Oh and there some public airing of very personal letters our parents all wrote us with them not knowing these letters would be read aloud by the facilitators to the entire room.

      Anyways, fuck those people. I hated that retreat. If you know a Catholic who is interested in a Kairos retreat, talk them out of it. If you know a Catholic who speaks glowingly of their Kairos retreat, they’re fucked up from it.

  4. I suffered a neck injury as a child in a car accident, was hospitalized in traction for some time. It’s caused me mild, but chronic, pain that’s made sleeping difficult. I have finally found the right pillow and it makes a world of difference. Violet Baudelaire on GT recommended it to me and I am forever in her debt. It’s a shredded memory foam pillow. I take it with me when I travel, I cannot sleep without it.

  5. A good night’s sleep is 5 hours for me – I usually get about 3-4 unaided. I don’t snore. I’ve tried everything – except a sleep study. I only take a partial Unisom(less than half and not the diphenhydramine one) and that gets me up to 6 or 7 hours.

  6. ?

    i can function on four hours of sleep

    which is lucky coz i rarely get more than that

    but to answer your question

    i can do without sleep for about 70 hours

    after that it forces itself on me…and happens no matter how i feel….and  i can sleep anywhere..if i can sleep

    • missus does to..and my brother…and my  mum

      its just me what cant sleep

      no fuckng fair

      like how does that shit work?

      they just lie down and conk out

      i lie down and stare at the ceiliing

  7. Earlier this week I posted about how Governor HeeHaw decided covid is over here in Missouri, which I am sure has been helping folks sleep better.

    Today in St. Louis, the Missouri History Museum, Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, and St. Louis Art Museum all announced they’re closed for the rest of the month due to staffing shortages from covid. But yeah, we’re good. Totes over here. Never mind that 2 really popular museums that are also free have to close because too many staffers are sick.

  8. I’ve done two sleep studies. One in a hospital about 20 years ago and one at home a couple of years ago. The home one was much better.
    I have a mild apnea so I use this thing with the mildly sexual name of an oral appliance. It forces my lower jaw forward which opens the airway. None of that CPAP bullshit.
    Generally speaking I sleep quickly and soundly. Lately however it’s been less than stellar.

  9. I love to sleep, but I have a horrible time both falling asleep and staying asleep. I have 2 pillows, one squashy and one very firm, and I alternate between a body pillow, a very fat regular size pillow, and a giant stuffed animal to prop my leg or back up on, depending on which parts of me hurt in which position. Sometimes, I end up basically sitting up in bed to sleep. I take a tramadol and a muscle relaxer almost every night about an hour before I want to be asleep because otherwise, even if I CAN fall asleep, I will wake up in pain and/or in knots every hour or 2. I take those, get settled with my assorted pillows, turn out the lights, and read on my kindle or phone on the dimmest setting until I start dropping it. Then, and only then, will I be able to fall asleep and stay that way for a couple of hours. Oh, and if someone is still watching TV in the living room, I put on my thunderstorm white noise app.

    Other-Husband grumbles about how he’s not tired and doesn’t want to go to bed, crawls in, wraps himself around me (he’s the big spoon most of the time), and is sound asleep in under 5 minutes. There are nights that I feel an unholy urge to kick him for this, especially when he’s been blissfully snoozing for hours and it’s 4am and I still can’t sleep.

    Husband, who I love dearly, and I have been sleeping separately for most of our marriage. He snores. And I don’t mean like, cute purring noises… he snores so loudly that the neighbour at our last apartment complained that he was keeping HER up! In this house, his bedroom is upstairs and mine is downstairs and I can STILL hear him.

  10. Well, between the water stain that I just discovered on the ceiling over this computer (underneath what I estimate is the toilet in the unit above mine) and opening my LinkedIn profile to discover a view from one of my sister’s high school boyfriends (whom I’d last heard about when he called our house to ask about her and my mom told him that she was about to get married . . . back in the mid-’90s), I’m not exactly sure how much sleep I’ll be getting tonight, to be honest.

  11. In my family, I am envied/despised because no matter what I fall asleep quickly and don’t have sleep problems unlike the rest of my family.

    But not quietly as I snore.

    One of my exes said sometimes she wanted to kill me because it takes her an hour or so to get to sleep while I just end up rolling over and snoring within minutes. She wasn’t sure if it was jealousy or anger. She used to poke me or like to stick her cold feet on my back to wake me up.

    Both mom and dad snore too (so I was doomed from the start.) As I mentioned once before, there was a time I came home late and found my parents and dog snoring synchronized.

  12. ironically after bitching about not being able to sleep…..i overslept and turned up to my booster appointment an hour late

    turns out they dont care when you have an appointment…long as you have one

    also…there were no lines or nothing…just walked in got jabbed and walked out

    i think getting locked down with 85% of the population vaccinated has convinced a lot of people that the vaccines dont work and getting boosted is a waste of time and effort

    so i guess…with a little help from the gubment..the antivaxxers are winning now

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