Cool Space Stuff! [NOT 25/5/21]

time lapse images of the moon during an eclipse

Hi, friends!

We’ve got a lunar eclipse happening in about 11 hours!

Anyways, I don’t have anything else worthwhile to talk about today.

Location checker thing if you want to know where to look —

As always, if you have an idea for a NOT, feel free to message me and either I can write it or you can, I’m chill with either option. 🙂



  1. It’s raining here, so I won’t see this. I just assume whatever the thing is, I won’t see it. It is almost always bad weather for these events (I’ve seen two lunar eclipses, one solar, and one meteor shower in 38yrs). And now I live somewhere with bad light pollution.

    • The main problem I have these days for cool space stuff is that so much of it is only viewable at like 2 or 3am.  My old ass is D-O-N-E at 11pm, so no I will not be staying up that late to watch a meteor shower.  Get off my lawn.

      • yeah, I looked at the schedule, and I’m feeling the same way.  I thought there may be a chance of me seeing the tail end right when I wake up tomorrow, but then it says moonset is shortly after, and being in a city, I can’t see the damned horizon from where I live, so I guess I won’t be catching any of it this time around. 
        Oh well.

  2. Rain here, too. I’ll take a look, but I don’t expect much here.
    Shoutout to @MatthewCrawley — I made the Sausages in Red Wine and Garlic tonight, and pretty much loved it. And I have leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast. Thank you for posting that!
    You guys are pretty much my go-to recipe book now. Still waiting for @farscythe to attempt fondu(d)e….
    Also, I’m on the hook for the NOT on Thursday night. Looking forward to it. Will anyone be offended if it’s sports-related? 

  3. The maximum here will be right at moonset, so the only chance of seeing it is if you’re up on a mountain or something. We heard about it a few days ago, got our hopes up thinking about sharing it with Lil (he’s still obsessed with space), and then realized it wasn’t gonna happen. Seems like that’s usually the case with this sort of stuff. Too many variables. We might have a shot at the next one in November. 

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