Cool weather!!! [NOT 21/9/21]

Hi, friends!

Finally have a day with cool, autumn weather. I mean yes it’s been cloudy and rainy all day, but counterpoint is it’s 15 degrees cooler than yesterday!

I had windows open all day and my house is staying at a lovely 72 degrees, which is 6 degrees cooler than I set my AC at, making it a lovely break for my electric bill. Tomorrow is supposed to be like 70 again, but not rainy, and then a little warmer as we get to the weekend but nothing hot.

It’s nice having the door and windows open too because it helps entertain the parents’ pupper while I work, although poor bebe is still scared when a big truck rolls by.

How is your Tuesday going? Decent weather? Decent food? Decent beverages?

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  1. Okay, I had my AC guys out today to do the regular maintenance because I live in Florida and it’s still fucking 94 degrees here. We can’t switch off the AC until late December and then it’s only for 6 days. Then summer starts again. Ah, Florida.

    • When we had our place in South Beach we used to go down for a week or two right after Christmas. One New Year’s Eve while we were getting reading to go out we were watching a local newscast and there was a reporter standing on the beach closest to our apartment. She said, “Bundle up, Miami! It’s going to be 50 degrees tonight!!!”

      We did not. We hit the after-Christmas sales so I was wearing a short-sleeve A/X shirt in this beautiful deep blue and Better Half also wore a short-sleeve shirt, I think by Marc Jacobs. We walked to a couple of places over the course of the evening and we didn’t freeze to death.

      • We use 50 degree weather as an excuse to wear our winter clothes, which typically won’t leave the closet any other time. I could get rid of them, but sometimes I (used to) travel to colder climes.

  2. Boo. It’s warm again (well, high 70s). Late September/early October used to be my favourite time, but it’s too damn hot year after year now.

  3. 75 right now.  You set your ac at 78?? Do you live on the sun?

    • Does it make sense to add that I have a 700 sq ft single story house with a basement? I don’t run into the problem of the area right near the thermostat is fine but the bedrooms on the other side of the house are 10 degrees warmer.

  4. I’m getting cognitive dissonance where my brain keeps wanting to see donuts in that photo but it’s really poppyseed bagels.


    Oh, and thanks to Myo (and anyone else who worked on it) for bringing back the edit function.

    • The horribly pixelated image quality surely isn’t helping!

      • I’m surprised you got it to fit! kudos.

  5. It was in the mid 70s here today too. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get rain all day and temps in the 60s for a couple of days, then back up into the 70s again. And I am not bitchin’ about it. I’m ready for full-on autumn.


  6. Mid 60s and rainy all day here. Should be similar for a couple days but get back into the 80s next week, which I much prefer.

  7. Fall is pretty much my season anyway, so I’m looking forward to long sleeves, (slightly) longer hair and my black leather jacket on when I go out. . . .

  8. We’ve had what I call Los Angeles weather, which is 70s, low humidity, and dry. I know LA can get unbearably hot sometimes (and sometimes when you least expect it) but dry and in the 70s is the Platonic Ideal for me.

  9. Gaaaaahhhh… I finally gave in and told BabySmacks he could go out to the teen club Friday night and stay the night with a friend. I know he’s obsessive about wearing his mask when he’s out, and our whole household is vaxx’d, so… all is good, right? WRONG. Guess which friend of his tested positive for COVID today?? If you said “the kid whose house he stayed at”, you win the kewpie doll! I texted the kid’s mom, who I’ve been friends with for years, to make sure this is accurate and there’s no leg-pulling going on (teenage boys and all that), but I haven’t heard back from her yet. I’m going to have to keep him home from school tomorrow and take him in to get tested.


    Mostly, I’m just worried about the baby. He’s been here almost every day this week, and BabySmacks adores him, and so he’s been holding him and playing with him. My oldest son, my grandson’s dad, is the only family member not vaxx’d, so I’m concerned about that, too.



    • Sorry to hear that.  Hope everyone stays healthy.

    • Fingers crossed for y’all!

    • Oh of fucking course that would be the kid with covid. Hoping everyone stays covid-free in your household.

    • Fingers crossed, and good thoughts headed your way, Smacks!💖💞💗💓


      Hopefully everything goes smoothly & BabySmacks’ vax does the job💖

  10. I like the fact that cool weather means easy sleeping especially after a rough night… like the one I had last night.

    Got stuck as the (junior) team lead and found myself running back and forth dealing with issues (some self inflicted because I’m still not 100% mentally thanks to the shift change.)  Lots of stuff needed to get done so I ended up only taking one break in 8 hours (out of two.)  I didn’t whine or cry about it.  No point really.  I take my (minor) responsibilities seriously.

    “Death is lighter than a feather while duty is heavier than a mountain.”

  11. @myopicprophet all hail he who giveth the edit function to she who is typing impaired.

    @HoneySmacks hoping all goes well for you.

    I keep hoping for the 60 to 70 degree sweet spot.

  12. Amazon has a Stitchfix like service, that is only $4.99 (not $20) and since I decided I hate all my clothes I signed up for it.

    The one thing I liked was a super fuzzy cream colored cardigan that intend to live in this winter.


    • I bought one of those zipper hoodies that goes down past my knees last winter off Amazon and I regret nothing.

  13. Autumn sneezes is rubs itchy eyes my wipes watering eyes fav-sneezes-ourite sneezes sneezon. I sneezes cannot rubs itchy eyes wait stuffs tissue in both nostrils for the first sneezes frost. Once the first frost hits I wish I didn’t wish my favourite sneezon away.

  14. Started playing Civ6 with my husband today. Something about Autumn makes me want to play videogames and watch all the horror movies/shows. Though today was more Summer than Autumn. I took my kids to swim in the lake “for the last time this year”…which is what I said on the one sunny day last week. Ah well climate change is real and sometimes it isn’t all bad.

  15. night frost here


    pushing 70 daytime…hardly any rain still (i mean…light drizzle occasionally…but mostly its dry…unless it drops a months worth of water in an hour) some wonky assed weather going on here

    it already being so cold at night is giving me some concern for my gas bill….what with prices going nutso this side of the pond…. kinda torn between wanting snow…and wanting to avoid the godzilla of bills


    (edited to add edit)

    (edited again for the novelty of it all)

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