Coulrophobia…[NOT 17/1/20]

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is right about one thing:

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said President Donald Trump is a “clown” who only pretends to support the Iranian people but will “push a poisonous dagger” into their backs, as Iran’s supreme leader struck a defiant tone in his first Friday sermon in Tehran in eight years.

Speaking of clowns…check out these ones.


The majority of the crowd, roughly 100 people, were white men ranging from their late-20s to their 60s. Many of them were hoisting signs blaming Eastern Canada, demanding secession, or accusing the media of propaganda.


Another rally member, Maggie, who also wanted the West to become a part of the U.S., blamed Trudeau’s immigration policy.

“Look at how Trudeau is letting in all these people and refugees, these people and their tax breaks, and children’s tax credit. No wonder they’re having, like, 10 kids on average,” she said.


“I think people in the East are not educated on matters in the West, and vice-versa. We don’t know what’s happening there and they don’t know what’s happening here,” he said. “I want to have a dialogue with those people.”

That’s a one way street, dipshit…all easterners know that you live in the Texas of Canada. MAGA!

For some reason this video was placed in the middle…and…


More about the clown:

It is, without question, one of the most grievous blows Trump has inflicted since taking office three years ago. It follows more than 100 environmental rollbacks, including relaxing rules limiting emissions from coal plants and weakening protections for endangered species.

Fossil fuel projects like the Keystone XL oil pipeline would have free rein, undaunted by court challenges that ruled the Trump administration didn’t properly consider climate change when analyzing the pipeline’s impact. The new rules would dramatically narrow which projects would require environmental review, with many infrastructure initiatives sailing through the approval process without having to disclose plans to discharge waste, cut trees or increase air pollution.

The new rule would no longer require agencies to consider the “cumulative” consequences of new infrastructure, a requirement interpreted as a mandate to study the effects of ruinous greenhouse gas emission and rising sea levels. The act currently requires the federal government to prepare detailed analyses of projects that could have major environmental effects.

[insert bugs bunny gif here]:

“This is the most overtly anti-LGBTQ agenda from the Florida Legislature in recent memory,” Equality Florida Public Policy Director Jon Harris Maurer said in a press release. “It runs the gamut from openly hostile legislation that would arrest and imprison doctors for providing medically necessary care, to legislation that would carelessly erase critical local LGBTQ protections.”

…I think Alberta might now be the Florida of Canada. Perhaps we are as unaware as that MAGA clown (wexiteer?) claimed us to be?

Hanna-Barbera was ahead of the times:

Bricks and other structures made using myco-architecture are lightweight, easily blended with reused materials like wood chips to make something like plywood, but with mushrooms. NASA pithily says sci-fi relies on shiny metal and flying cars, but the idea of organically grown housing or even spaceships goes back decades. And NASA isn’t alone in suggesting that fast-growing natural fibers are the future: In Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2018 novel Red Moon, bamboo forms the backbone of an international moon station where thousands of people live and work. Characters marvel at how much the plants grow within even just a day.

Canada grants US border officers to detain Canadian citizens indefinitely on Canadian soil. Including strip searches for, wait for it, NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL. Gee, I wonder if racial profiling will happen?

The big concern is that American preclearance officers could now further interrogate Canadians who withdraw their application to enter the U.S., perhaps because they feel uncomfortable during a customs inspection.

Previously, law-abiding travellers could simply leave and return home, because they were still on Canadian soil. 

Now they could be detained — even handed over to Canadian authorities to face charges — for refusing to answer questions about why they’re withdrawing.

I know this isn’t today’s news, but I have been absent from the NOT for a few days and I love Yesha so I am tossing it in anyway!

Included in this post is a video of Elizabeth Warren speaking at Essence Fest Power Stage:

Who has the “master plan just to bop da man”?

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  1. I would take some comfort that Canada has some parallel shit show to us in the US and UK, but I’d really rather think there is some (mostly) English-speaking nation in the world that I can count on. New Zealand gonna get real crowded if climate change doesn’t eat it.

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