Countdowns! [NOT 1/9/21]

Hi, friends!

What’s something you have a countdown for and why is that something you’re tracking on?

I have eleven car payments left. In addition to YAY MORE MONEY, I just fucking hate that it’s a necessary evil to have to finance a car most of the time. I would like to not have to replace that car for several years because fuck that noise, I also hate that cars are so expensive and depreciate so quickly in value.



  1. im counting down towards bedtime….which by my count was about 90 minutes ago…
    fucking freezing down here…and warm bed sounds really good
    but…..watching the witcher….. just one more episode!
    i could probably also just wear a sweater…but i’d need to go upstairs to get one….and thats where my bed lives….

  2. I have had a countdown for the end of democracy in the US for longer than its “longest war” that isn’t really its longest war considering the fact the Korean war never ended…but I didn’t think the final countdown would be this soon.

    Roe v Wade 😐 *grinds teeth*

    Personally, I am counting down the days to which I can tell financial institutions to do a whole lot of fucking themselves.

    • The end of democracy is speeding up. I’ve been on the edge of tears all day. I heard that other States are looking into how they can pass the same or similar law. I wish I could march without fear of Delta Covid. Excuse me while I choke down my rage and fury with wine.

      • Do you know what’s funny? Well certainly not haha funny… But if the Texas news had been a year ago? I would have been appropriately stressed and sad and angry. After everything we’ve been through? It’s like my outrage meter has just fully tapped out. I saw the news and was like, yep. Sure. Why not throw that in? We’ve completely fucked the climate? Of course we have. Parents in my state are protesting against their kids needing to wear masks in schools, and schools are saying they won’t actually be doing literally anything to enforce mask wearing? Sure. People are dying from taking livestock parasite meds? That fits. I don’t think I’ve gotten outraged about the news in a while. It’s just been too fucking much, absolutely all the time. 

  3. I think I’ve got the same number of car payments left, actually — although in my case it’ll be because  I’ve doubling up on them this year.
    Anyway, I’ve got 29 days until my birthday, although at the moment I’m thinking more about the two days left until the long weekend and the half hour or so before I get off fucking work for the night.

  4. I’m counting the days until we are empty nesters, it is now 5.  After that I will be counting down the days until my life ends like the final scene of War of the Roses.

  5. I just checked my leave balances, and I’ve got about a month of vacation and about three weeks of medical leave accumulated.  I’ve been at this job at bit over a year and a half.  So, I guess about another year and a half before I feel comfortable taking significant chunks of leave.  Is two months sufficient to heal a broken limb?  That’s my main concern, one of these days I’m going to get in a collision with a car and break something, and need to wait for it to heal before I can go back to commuting by bicycle.  I’ve been thinking about this ever since that one car passed me as I was going down a hill, only to immediately start to turn right, and then stop blocking the bike lane.  I skidded probably a good ten feet, and stopped maybe a yard from their car.  As soon as I saw them cut in front of me, I was certain I was going to break a limb…
    I figure I may be able to stretch the leave a bit, by just taking unpaid leave, as I’ll be around the house all day, I figure I could do some cooking and cleaning with all that time, and that might save me a bit on take out…  And so far my workplace has been pretty accommodating to other people’s issues, so there is a chance I may also be able to squeeze in a little bit of work-from-home here-and-there, probably doing other people’s data entry remotely, etc.
    Anyways, I’m taking a day off this Friday, I’m just sodamned tired, and I’ve been needing and failing to run errands.  I think this will be the first time I’ve used vacation leave since starting…

      • nah, not traumatic, just a realization that’s stuck with me.  I’ve tended to be pretty dismissive of medical leave, mostly because I’ve been lucky enough to not need much of it. (which was kinda nice, seeing how I spent so much time in jobs that didn’t offer any…)
        When it happened, three thoughts went through my head as I was clamping the brakes and frantically hoping the damned car would move out of the way.  first was “fuck’n asshole”, second was “I really need a second bike”, and third was “I don’t think I have enough leave to heal a broken limb”  – For that specific incident, I didn’t think there was a high chance of death or spinal cord injury, but if the car was a few feet closer, I probably would have slammed into it with more speed than I could have dealt with without breaking an arm or something.  I’ve since gotten a better bicycle, so the bike I was riding that day is now my backup bike (and, wow, it sucks, so, once I get a bit more in savings, I’m going to buy a better backup bike).  I still stand by my first thought of that driver being a fucking asshole.  I just need to accumulate a bit more leave…
        Thanks for the bit about the weekend, I really hope so too…

  6. 6 days until Lil’s first day of preschool. I’m stressed about it. Big milestone. We just visited and I’m happy that it’s a super small class of only 7 kids, so at least that’s pretty limited exposure. They all seemed very nice. Weirdly might be all boys? There’s only one girl and she didn’t show at visiting day, and it kinda sounded like her enrollment might be up in the air. 
    We’re starting him on half days so he won’t be there through a meal time, which feels safer. Obviously it’s also masked. And beyond covid concerns, there’s all the normal stuff like separation anxiety to worry about. He’s good with routines though (but less good with change), so however it goes at first, I think eventually he’ll settle in and enjoy it. It’s a montessori, which should fit his sensibilities pretty well. 

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