Counting backwards? [DOT 21/12/19]

…& then it’s christmas – honest to goodness, maybe you missed the memo but that’s kind of a big deal in a lot of places.

So hang the stockings (it’s like nobody told Santa that tights come with double the capacity…) deck the halls, fol-de the -rols & tack up the reindeer because unless you’ve done better with your shopping than yours truly this right here is crunch-time.

Oh yes, folks – the last saturday before christmas…the original black friday from way back when fridays happened on saturdays…buyer beware, indeed…

but you’ve probably had enough caveats from this particular emptor…so how about listening to something better to get your weekend in the swing of things…



      • apparently the secret lies in lists…

        maybe even lists of lists…with one list to rule them all…

        but in my family (& most I’m aware of) more than one list “thinks” it’s the master-list…

        I advocate drinking commence as early in the day as can be contrived…it seems to work…?

        but then, it would, wouldn’t it…on account of the drinking…

        • I started drinking way too early yesterday, and got nothing else done. I have a to do list. But it’s buried under a stack of mail on my kitchen table. I think GO THROUGH MAIL is on the list. Today and tomorrow will be Cookiepalooza. And then hit the liquor store Monday. That should do it until Christmas Eve day when I will be prepping my dinner.

          • …anyone would think it would be easier to walk elephants over the Alps

            …but that sounds like you have an honest-to-goodness plan

            …best of luck with it, there

  1. I married a Christmas Commando. If she had her way, she’d be Christmas ready by the first of November. All that’s left is good prep for Christmas Eve.
    And it’s a work weekend for me, so I am no help to anybody (except my patients, I guess).

    • …so thou art wise, in addition to being red & menacing & fond of the number 75

      were you team gold, frankincense or myrrh?

      hope you & the patients have a merry festive season & the commando locks things down in trademark fashion…

      • There’s way more than that, my friends, because American Thanksgiving was 28 November, when it’s usually around the 22nd-23rd…so yeah, we had about a week less between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I really have not enjoyed the time crunch one bit.

  2. My husband and I are going to a restaurant. Can’t recommend this highly enough. We’re both (nominally) Christian. I’m very close to my family emotionally but not geographically and they understand that as a freelancer I pick up a lot of work over the holidays. Plus it is the absolute worst time of the year to travel, worse than Thanksgiving. I spend a couple of weeks with them over the summer instead.

    We live in Manhattan so there are quite a few places open on Christmas Day. No “Chinese” food in a dreary strip mall for us. We’re going to a French place that’s otherwise tough to get into but we scored a prime reservation. I have high hopes.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

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