Cravings [NOT 24/7/21]

There has been a lot of food talk recently. We have @Sedevilc starting a bread making series, @MatthewCrawley with Notes From A Traveler, FYCE going to seven days a week, and @butcherbakertoiletrymaker doing his gardening posts.

All the food talk makes me hungry. What food do you crave when you are hungry? I would love to sit down with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Unfortunately there is not enough Lactaid in the world to make that suitable.



  1. When I’m hungry I crave sweets every time.  Doesn’t matter what kind. So I’ve taken to keeping some gum on hand to keep me from eating dessert all damned day. 

    But, on the whole, I miss having ready access to NM food. I haven’t had a sopapilla in years. 

  2. food?
    eh…. im generally good for that….other than the odd winegum need
    i could really do with some speed tho…….its even better than alcohol for shutting my head up
    the void is a really relaxing place to be

    • …definitely know some folks who used to say similar things about ketamine “back in the day”…but I guess I was never really one for the “class A” stuff, myself

      …hanging out with friends who weren’t averse to a bit of speed though…shutting up is not how I recall that going with them?

    • Last summer I bought five pounds of olives from igourmet, they come with a garlic spice packet. I broke the 5 lbs into thirds and did 1/3 garlic, 1/3 chili pepper and 1/3 anchovy. It was so good.

  3. …hmmm…aside from steak…or a bacon sandwich…maybe dim sum would be at the top of my list…but that’s kind of a long list all on its own?

    …I tend not to crave sweets so much as just eat enough of them that a friend once got special dispensation from the haribo people to get me a year’s membership to the haribo club when I was…roughly twice as old as you were supposed to be allowed to be for that to be an option?

  4. I was hungry, so I ate a toasted italian cold cut sub with lettuce tomato onion pickles and hots, mayo, and a side of french fries. And I had it delivered. I think that was the best part.

  5. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I ordered a pistachio cake from her favorite local bakery. And I can’t stop thinking about that damn cake! I can’t wait to have a piece.


  6. Is non-dairy milk not an option for the Pebbles? For me, oat milk on cereal is… fine. I’d bet that all of the Froot flavor soaking into whatever milk makes the specific kind of milk sort of irrelevant.

      • I generally only have milk in cereal (not counting cooking) and oat milk is fine. It’s pretty neutral. My wife swears by soy milk, but I think that’s a bit off by my tastes. It all seems to last longer than regular milk, and the stuff I get has bit less calories than regular milk, although some have more, depending on how much sugar and fat they add.

        • Growing up we used to drink a lot of soy milk. The only brand available had a panda logo and was sold at Asian grocery stores. We used to call it Panda Milk. My little kid brain thought it made sense that we drink milk from pandas because they are large black and white mammals. Logically pandas are to China what cows are to North America.

      • @KeitelBlacksmith I hope you don’t mind me responding to this old comment but I’ve tried nearly every type of plant milk and I have so much to say about the topic. Maybe too much. 
        The best choices in terms of taste and creaminess are generally oat milk (Oatly in particular – brands differ) and cashew milk. Coconut milk products (not the cans – you’ll see bottles over by the other plant milks and they generally have stabilizers and such added rather than the pure stuff in cans) are a great texture but you have to like the coconut taste. I like soy milk but it has a distinct taste that some people dislike. I do a lot of hemp milk too but it has a grassy flavor. Almond and rice milk taste decent but are very watery thin. 
        Brands can differ widely. If you don’t like one, it might be because of the brand rather than the entire category. Also for every type of plant milk, you’re also going to see multiple flavor choices. Avoid “unsweetened” unless you’re using them for cooking. I generally go “original” which is going to be the most neutral, but sometimes vanilla or even chocolate is nice.

        • Oh and one more thing, I’ve generally found better quality in the refrigerated section vs the shelf stable cartons. I keep both around because the shelf stable stuff is so convenient to keep in the pantry. 

        • @BigDamnHeroes

          I don’t mind at all. I just resigned myself to the fact that my body and dairy are no longer friends. There is so many alternatives out there and I was not up for trial and error. I do appreciate you taking the time to break it down some. A lot of it also comes down to texture. The cheese I do eat is of the dry or sharp variety. Not a big fan of creamy. I don’t mind thin so the rice milk sounds ok. I have some leftover rice krispies to experiment with. Thanks again for your response. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  7. If I’m HUNGRY just about any carbohydrate will do. 
    Yesterday i had a deep need for Twizzlers which I hadn’t had in years. The chocolate ones were on sale so I got those and have already eaten half the bag #oops 

  8. have i mentioned the goddamn jukebox in my head?

    so much musix in here…. could someone knock me out please?
    you’d be doing me a favour…….dont worry i have a thick skull

  9. also….and completely off topic
    anybody else feel cheated by edge of tomorow?
    i read the manga…..what the fuck is this fade to black shit?
    i came here for brutal cruise dismemberment…………goddamnit

  10. I don’t think I’m quite self-aware enough to trust my assessments of my habits and trends.
    When I was growing up, my parents forbade me eating candy/junkfood/sweets/soda.  So, in what I’m guessing would surprise no one, I developed a ridiculous sweet tooth that didnt’ settle down until some time in my thirties.
    I pretty much live off of take-out now, just because of the intersection of “not great at cooking”/”lack of time”/”fuck cleaning dishes”/”I don’t have energy to both plan and buy this shit, let alone spend the money…”/”cooking for one is an exercise in self abuse (and not the fun kind…)” 
    If I do that economist thing and add the time I spend doing something to the cost of that something at my highest paid wage, it’s “cheaper” for me to get takeout, than it is for me to go to the grocery store, buy food, prepare it, cook it, do cleanup, and all of that is to end up with something sub-par that is arguably edible, but rarely “good”
    I usually try to keep a small variety of snackable stuff on hand, right now I’ve got some dried apricots, dates, candied pecans, toffee almonds, and I think a spare poptart or two and some ritz sandwich crackers, but those don’t really count, since they are individually packaged and will probably be edible long after my corpse is.
    I’ve also got some cans of spam, corned-beef hash, and boxes of mac-and-cheese, and some cheap ramen bricks for when I want something  cheap and easy but stuff is closed.

      • I miss having a winter, but at the same time, I’m pretty lucky in that it rarely gets much over ~90F here.
        But, yeah, when it does start to warm up, I am very reluctant to add more heat to my apartment by using the stove/oven.  let alone eating hot food, I’ll go grab some takeout sandwiches or something…

    • @lochaber I can’t argue with the cooking for one thing. I may suggest making soup; pretty easy and you can package it individual servings and freeze. Crusty bread and a hunk of cheese, and you have a meal.

      • …I find the other alternative is to cook (& occasionally eat) for at least a couple of people even though there’s only one of you

        …not least because sometimes the quantities things come in mean that otherwise you end up throwing away the part you don’t use & I’m not a fan of wasting food

        …also…when I’m hungry I can definitely eat more than a lot of recipes/instructions claim is “a serving”

        …worst case is you have some leftovers for the next day?

        • It is for this precise reason that I often preface my FYCE posts with “This recipe will feed two large men and a little for the Ravenous Hound.” If I were to be writing these for “Gourmet” or a newspaper or something they’d be “Serves 6.”

      • Cranberry bread, I assume you mean. I’ve also seen cheese with cranberries festively pressed in, but that might be a holiday thing. You can also top crackers/baguette slices with cheese and leftover (homemade) cranberry sauce. 

        –Paid for by the Ocean Spray Cranberry Growers Association

    • I very much disagree with the cooking for one isn’t worth it premise. You are worth cooking for, cooking for others is overrated! Oh sure, it’s nice to be a people pleaser, but too many times I’ve put time and effort into a meal and felt like it wasn’t appreciated. When you cook for yourself, you can cater to your own whims and tastes. Put anchovies in everything if you love anchovies. Don’t make that stupid marshmallow salad thing at thanksgiving just because you always had it and someone will complain of you don’t. Break with traditions! Experiment! Food is fun, people make it a chore.
      If you feel like your cooking skills are not the best, Joy of Cooking is great. I picked up the latest edition at a thrift shop for $3 and it’s not the old-fashioned thing you remember. Lots of good recipes.

  11. I had a hankering for some oatmeal cookies, but they didn’t have any freshly baked ones at the store. So, I got a box of snickerdoodles instead. I’ve eaten about a third of ’em so far.

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