Damage Done?

2020 entered somewhat quietly, for me, which was good, because I was exhausted from being constantly worried over the state of our vanishing rights, and our environment, and body politic while those with the actual ability to, you know, do something about it…I don’t know, decide what colour sheepskin seats they want in the next private jet. (guessing here)

This year truly holds the potential of so much nightmare fuel if you just let it, because it’s not only an election year, but a census year (pay particular attention to this portion):

The results of the 2020 census will determine the number of seats for each state in the House of Representatives, which mirrors the number of delegates for each state in the Electoral College, for elections in 2022 to 2030.

That concerns me, along with the potential ‘funding/loss of’ aspect of things. An undercount could negatively impact how federal funding is allocated to states and local communities for stuff like roads, schools, emergency services. etc..and so it seems this administration’s anti-immigration message has found its audience: potential census-responders:


This could result in a potential undercount of immigrants, so congrats on a job well done, everyone in 45’s admin, I guess?



  1. It really is amazing how the GOP has spent the past few decades ignoring everything except how to rig the system in their favor. They literally have no idea how legislate or create bills that will be supported by the majority. They just cheat and do what they want to line their pockets and those of their donors.

    • Agreed, they get voted into power, take all the money and leave everything a big mess for Dems to clean up – which takes too long to fix – allowing them to get voted back into power to repeat the cycle. They don’t care about the majority – never have. They only care about themselves and their money. The problem I’ve been having – is that everything they do is so stupid and against good common sense that it’s hard to comprehend sometimes.

      • …I’m sure it’s overly simplistic in one way or another but it’s almost as if one section of humanity has this quaint idea that it would be nice if things were just generally better & that not making them worse might be a good first step while another literally couldn’t care less if the world burns so long as they have more money than the next guy…& the bits they think of as theirs won’t burn until after they’re dead

        …if that second lot were somehow no longer allowed to be around each other & instead forced to only hang out with poor people who knew exactly who they were, though…one way or another it seems like the problem might “solve itself”?

        …well “if you don’t have a dream”, right?

  2. I know it doesn’t help to read the news, but I can’t not do so. I am terrified of not knowing what is coming next, while also so angry about what is happening that I am ready for bloody revolution.

    Bring on the guillotines. And I am not joking. I want these traitors publicly executed.

    *explodes in incomprehensible rage*

    • …that part where your head explodes…that’s how the fuckers get you

      …damned if I don’t know what you mean, though – at some point it seems like there’d be some kind of unmistakable mass up-with-this-I-will-not-put moment

      …& instead we seem more like the par-boiled frog in the pan thinking “you know, I think I could get used to this heated pool business”?

    • Protesters in Puerto Rico carried a full size guillotine to the governor’s mansion.

    • It’s no joke I feel like this guy much of the time:

      But have you ever seen it?

    • Oh the bloody revolution is coming. And Global Warming will be the reason behind it. Robespierre is sharpening the guillotine…

  3. Indeed.

    We are witnessing a coup occur in real time and just enough of the population is too deluded by religion (and by that I mean Faux News and all the other Reich Wing propaganda stations) to see what is happening.

    The rest of the country either doesn’t care or can’t worry about it because they need their jobs and health insurance.

    We are fucked. Proper fucked. And no one is going to do anything about it.

    • Classic boil the frog,it’s been happening at a slow pace for some time now.

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