Damn tree rats [NOT 22/2/22]

Michael Bluth from Arrested Development with quote "I don't know what I expected"
I really don't know what I expected

Hi, friends!

How is your day going? I am shaking my fist and cursing out the fucking squirrels.

I have a tray feeder mounted on my back deck rail. It’s a tray feeder – the squirrels chow down there constantly. I can’t keep them from destroying hanging feeders so I just set out a tray feeder. Good enough, the squirrels eat their fill and the birds enjoy the rest.

The little assholes chewed through the metal screen that is the bottom part of the tray (so it drains). I’ve had that feeder out for a little over a year and this morning I look out the window and it’s ruined. And not just a little hole. No no. Those fuckers chewed open a section that is the size of my hand. There were little segments of metal wire all over the rail.

I got nothing. We’re getting freezing rain tomorrow and Thursday so I’m not getting a new feeder until the weekend. Good job squirrels, you’ve just destroyed your food source!



      • @MemeWeaver it took several weeks and we put a cup of seeds on a water fountain nearby to get their attention.  Now they empty it about every other day & we have a pretty good variety of birds.  Most smaller varieties but random Steller’s Jays & occassional flicker try to use it.  My daughter made a colored roof cover for it and that might have helped to get some bird attention.  Keep trying.

  1. My father used to feed a very tame squirrel. One day the doorbell rang, my son who was maybe three years old said ” it’s the squirrel Poppy, you didn’t feed it today”. Yup, it was the squirrel, standing on the back of a chair, ringing the doorbell.

    Many years later when my father lived with us he warned us about tree rats. But he meant rats who climb trees. We scoffed. We were wrong.



  2. We have a gaggle of squirrels that live in our yard and they’ll rip into our garbage and scatter it across the lawn. You’d expect to have to keep dogs or bears or possums or raccoons out of your garbage. No, it’s squirrels. Fuzzy bastards.

  3. i tried putting a feeder out for the little birdies…just a little one high up where its not an accidental cat feeder

    but…the crows stole it….and i dont mean stole the food…they took the whole damn feeder

    after retrieving it from around the neighbourhood a couple times i gave up….sorry little birdies…you’re on your own

  4. I had a feeder hanging from a hook, it was a squirrel buster, too, so they couldn’t access THE SOURCE, but whatever seed was in the base, they’d finish off. One smart ass would climb it, then jump off real quick sending a spray of seeds out in every direction. He’d do that until it was empty. They know we refill it :/

    I changed it from the hook to hanging off the “ceiling” of my upstairs neighbor’s balcony. Since I am in a condo, I keep waiting for some HOA Nazi shit to tell me it can’t be there (they are evaluating the condition of our balconies & patios “this year” which has been the last 2 yrs). Then I might have to change it to the one that sticks to the window. But since I’ve been hanging it from the ceiling, the squirrels & chippies can’t get to it.

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