Day of rest? [DOT 22/12/19]

…surely you jest – there’s no time for resting.

…tomorrow may never come but let’s face it – the day after the day after tomorrow is steaming towards us all with an implacable certainty.

So good luck out there when someone realises you’re out of chestnuts & there isn’t a store open in a 10-mile radius…or the lights on the tree go out shortly after nobody told you about the cute video they got of the cat “playing” with them…or whatever fresh wrinkle proves to be this year’s bit of arbitrary christmas capriciousness…

…who told you you could eat my cookies?

…spare a thought, though, for the folks that are still working when they could have opted not todoesn’t have to be a kind thought, mind…kind depends on who they are.

I mean, sure, it’s all very impressive that some well paid public servants should deign not to break for the weekend & on from there to being festive with family until coming back in a fresh new year to freshly ignore freshly flagrant misdeeds, missteps & mendaciousness from the dotard messiah.

…okay, it’s not – that’s literally their job & in altogether too many cases the position appears to be that they consider their “real” job to be the flat-out refusal to do their real job.

…apparently actually knowing what the responsibilities of your office are & attending to them is not in fact a prerequisite for the party of putting the party’s interest before the people’s

…it’s just how some turtles roll

…although the flip side is, it maybe does take all sorts because they don’t all seem to get worse as they go.

Ken Clarke was, until recently, the Father of the House & having served in the House of Commons since 1970 might have been forgiven for putting his feet up & enjoying that jazz music he seems to know so much about after being somewhat ungratefully ejected from the party to which he had remained devoted for so many years abruptly & shortly before the election he’d previously declared his intention not to stand in

actually from a while back rather than since the election but “plus ca change” & all that…

& although many things associated with Maggie “not for turning” Thatcher are more or less vilified by a good many people I have to say that ol’ Ken’s contribution was a lot easier to hear without, as the saying goes, “spitting feathers” than when the flavor of the month/week/day/shining hour/unforgiving minute* was the grinning idiot who brought us this gem:

[*thank the deity of your choice for Steve Bell…& John Crace…]

…can’t arrest his compulsion to constantly keeping repeating to everyone that the last time the party of opposition wasn’t in opposition was when (under his auspices) they made a determined effort to co-opt enough of the Tory platform to run on a “basically more of the same” ticket to much hurrah…before all that nasty business that happened around the other thing…but don’t worry because thanks to confusing sincerity with integrity in the belief stakes instead of hiding in an overpriced garden shed or going to middle-class festivals instead we have to endure his fatuously self-serving commentary

No surprise then that Ken sounds positively reasonable by comparison:

I don’t know how to explain it…it’s almost like if you take the concept of public service seriously & then attempt to discharge the responsibility for something close to five decades you have what might be somewhat unfashionably referred to as “considered opinions” rather than “entrenched positions”

& I don’t know…that might make you worth listening to…even by people who didn’t necessarily start out agreeing with you…which seems like a quaint concept in an age where so many appear happy to afford opinion the same weight as fact

…so – just in case that view has any merit – I’d like to take this opportunity to note that (in my opinion) anyone reading this should be in line for a lottery win in at least seven digit territory even if they haven’t bought a ticket

[…worth a shot, I guess…wouldn’t advise spending any of it in advance, though]

…& if you do have a bit of time on your hands for some idle fancies…maybe try to guess what’s up with this sort of thing

…because it’s monday in the morning…yea, verily



  1. a cinematic masterpiece it may very well not be…but the comedy stylings of arnie are always something to behold…& as you say hartman is much missed…

    & it is entirely seasonally appropriate…particularly for those of us who didn’t get the shopping done in good time…

  2. They say there is no rest for the wicked. I can attest to that. It’s crunch time. I made 18 dozen cookies today, I’m getting ready to do another type. And I’m out of flour after that. Now I have to go to the store in the morning to finish up. I had to find time this afternoon to take Fanny to the vet, ear infection, so I’m behind schedule. On the Scrooge-O-Meter I’m at about “they(the poor) had better do it(die), and decrease the surplus population” level. Back to the kitchen!

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