Dead splinter Up! All Night: On Repeat 🔂

Loop de loop

What songs can you listen to on loop and never get tired of?

The first choice when you go scrolling to start a shuffle mix.

The one from 10 years ago that everyone else has forgotten but you still bump that tune every chance you get.

Thanks for sharing your favorite songs with us, Deadsplinter! Keep being awesome.

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    • I nearly posted this one and it’s sort of impossible for me to hear Montell without also thinking of Mark/Mack. They’re basically kindred songs from opposite sides of the Pond, eh?

      Mark Morrison, “Return of the Mack”

  2. The dogs and I enjoy the album Tip of the Sphere by Cass McCombs. This is our go to album when we need to be quiet or take a happy nap.

  3. I’m not gonna lie:  I was a big Gorillaz fan.  It started out when I used to rock their mp3 songs while playing video games, especially racing games like Forza Horizon or NFS.  I must have listened to them so much that the streaming services have them hardwired into my playlists.  It seems like I could start a playlist based on 1940’s swing tunes and the fifth song up will be Gorillaz.

    • I was a big Gorillaz fan in the beginning, especially the Del the Funky Homosapien stuff…


  4. Oh, too many to include without posting links to a few years’ worth of playlists. Here are a few earworms that always get repeat plays.

    Orange Juice, “Rip It Up”

    A Place To Bury Strangers, “Keep Slipping Away”

    2Pac, “How Do U Want It”


  5. cant trust me anywhere near a mix

    wierd shit happens

    • no idea why that got an age restriction?

      i didnt see or hear anything bad

      welp fine whatever

      theres a good chance this would start a playlist of mine

      or this

      • First one is great, 2nd one not available in our country!  Dammit!

        • 2nd one is ub40 – food for thought

          you know it 🙂

      • course its just likely id start with some asteroids galaxy tour

        or maybe some king prawn

        really…..theres no telling what will happen…i like a bit of everything…and like making discordant mixes

        anyways…ill shut up now….lest i take this post to a hunnerd options i could start a mix with

  6. I also instinctively think of this track:

    LCD Soundsystem, “On Repeat” 

    Although, technically, this was the track from that album I always placed on repeat:

    LCD Soundsystem, “Tribulations” 

    Ahh, the more innocent times of one’s [relative] youth.

  7. I could listen to this over and over and never get sick of it.

    Black Francis and Reid Paley – Ugly Life


    • That one is a jam.

      • I can just imagine the two of them hanging out and playing music together the way friends do,  goofing around and coming up with this, lol. I’m a HUGE fan of Reid Paley’s and will never stop trying to get people to listen to him. He’s very underrated.

    • That whole album is real fine.

      • Agreed. I could listen to this and Miles’ Kind of Blue for the rest of my life and be fine.

  8. come to think of it…..i have 2 songs i will never let go

    amanda palmers – in my mind

    coz i recocgnize myself in that song

    and iron maidens blood brothers

    coz i had tickets to see them with my dad….he was really looking forward to it too

    but he didnt make it,,, died a couple months before the gig…gifted my spare ticket to an irishman i gamed with

    there was a full lunar eclipse during the gig and everything…never forgetting that one

  9. I probably have some undiagnosed ADD, because I loop songs all the time (driving most everyone around me insane), and do not often feel obligated to listen to a whole album all the way through.

    Anyway, the last song I repeated in my car (because it’s a great driving song):

  10. Whoops. Wrong page. Kinja’d. DS’ed. 

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