Deadsplinter How To: Excerpts & Subheadings

Looks Better With This Here


Have you ever run an eye over the homepage here on DS and noticed that some of the listings show the first bit of the posts and some don’t?

That’s because some people make use of the excerpt option while others leave the site to automatically pull the opening text to fill that field – which as you can see doesn’t know how to avoid chopping sentences off before they’re done. Much as we all appreciate the efforts @splinterrip puts into their DOTs it’s possible those little bits of creativity go unnoticed so here’s an example…

We figured it was due time for a How To post so you can do it, too!

When writing/editing a post, you have (in the section that sits on the right-hand margin) the option to edit the block in which you’re posting or the entire post…

Under the “Post” tab, where I hope that NONE OF YOU EVER AGAIN forget to UNCHECK the “Uncategorized” category and ensure the parent category is unchecked when checking a sub-category ie. unchecking “Food” when checking “Food You Can Eat” …handy tip…if you make selecting the right category for your post something you do BEFORE you save the draft for the first time the system won’t tick the “Uncategorized” box and you won’t have to remember to un-tick it…

you can scroll down to this:

to type an excerpt that, on the DS homepage looks like this:


If you haven’t noticed, some posts have these lovely subheadings:

…while others don’t:

Don’t want to pass on the chance to show Calvin rightfully pissing on Microsoft again!

Posts look better with them so if you want to use them, simply scroll down to the bottom of your post whilst editing and type in the “Subheading (will be displayed below post title)” box as shown here:

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    • …looks like you figured out #1 (although it’s worth noting that myo will be happier if you remember to tick the “open in new tab” box for links whenever you make them…& for some things it happens automatically…like @myopicprophet

      …as for #2…the answer is to be found (more or less) in another how to post

      …although it does somewhat depend on the “image button” being available in the toolbar of the box you write/edit comments in…which it is for most people but mysteriously isn’t for me for reasons we’ve never quite managed to pin down

      …there is an alternative if you have the ability to write posts but it means uploading images to the site’s library…but (as myo has explained to me at least once but I’d do a terrible job of explaining to anyone) that has a bunch of drawbacks so I try not to do it unless there seems to be a really good reason?

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