1. As luck would have it Better Half just concluded his nightclub act and it was an all-female-vocalist revue.

    What happened was I got this piece of a job that I want to just do and get it out of the way and then we can eat. I set the beginnings of some spaghetti sauce a-simmering and said, “This is really easy. Every 20 minutes or so give it a little stir, taste, and add the Herbes de Provence a little at a time. Don’t go overboard; you know what it should taste like. I’ll be in the office. Try to be quiet because I really need to focus. I’ll check in in a couple of hours.”

    So, bored, he put in his earbuds and pulled up one of his playlists and proceeded to sing along.

    It started with this:

    Song five was this. I came out of the office to close down the act but ended up doing The Bump with Faithful Hound (my calf to his hip; he seems to enjoy this) while BH performed his slickest disco moves:

    He has a version that goes on for an astonishing 14 minutes. Well, not that astonishing, a lot of disco songs had extended versions with those kinds of run times. But now I’m back in the office and he’s listening to a 1940s Sherlock Holmes “radio play” that he found somewhere.


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