Deadsplinter Up! All Night: 80’s Redux

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  1. My ’80s, in three bands:

  2. edit: fixed for you

    • Seriously what the fuck does my phone do to those poor links….
      That doesn’t look right at all

      • I clicked on the link and it said the video isn’t available in my country (the US). Here’s the official video of what you posted, for US Youtube audiences:

        • And thank you too cousin Mathew 
          I skipped the @ coz your @ confuses me some lol

          • I know. Myo actually offered to amend it and if he offers again I think I’ll have him standardize it. I’m not sure how I made two names for myself, gross Luddite incompetence on my part I’m sure.

  3. Oh no, like deranged national laughingstock/Trump personal attorney Sidney Powell threatened to but never did, you have released the Kraken, at least in me. I could fill this thread with hundreds of videos off the top of my head, but let me “curate.” These were the #1 songs in the US on this date (March 27) for selected years in the 1980s:
    1981: (and THE HAIR!)

    1983 (also EXCELLENT HIAR!):

    1986: (The hair has now taken on a life of its own)

    1989: The Big 80s are winding down, and so is the hair:


    • AND HOW RIGHT YOU WERE! Just to dox us further, here’s the song that was #1 the day I first set eyes on Better Half. I remember the day because at the end of the evening I thought, well, game over, at the ripe old age of 22 I have met the man I’m going to with for the rest of my life, whether he likes it or not. This is an awful song by the way and I’m sorry to bring this up. 

      And here’s the #1 hit from the day we first had sex/became a couple, another horrendous song:


  4. The Hoodoo Gurus

    And the English Beat


    • Here’s my favorite English Beat song of all, because of the dancing!

      • Shoot, that’s not it! That’s the link of farcy’s song. 

    • Definitely down with the Hoodoo Gurus @elliecoo

      • @Lymond listened to by the cool kids, I tells ya!

    • This was pretty much my high school playlist!

  5. These guys played at my high school one time.  Before this track got released.

    • Hah! Mister Mister performed this song on Saturday Night Live. A friend of mine watched it and then told me the next day “Hey, they played this wild song about ‘carry a laser’ down the road and ‘carry a laser’ through the dark night.” To make things worse, we took three years of Latin together. The mocking was utterly without mercy. 

      • Y’know, we should do a DUAN about misunderstood song lyrics. I’ll tell y’all about “peanut butter balls.”

        • @bryanlsplinter I have many of those…you heard it here first, “I saw your your sister in the bathroom selling comics”, are apparently not actual song lyrics. 

          • Bob Marley is not actually singing “Pajamas!” in this song:

    • Or, y’know, the official video. 

      • Crap. That second one is not The Cure. It ain’t terrible, but it’s not The Cure. Sorry. 

    • Sting was so hot, and he still is, and he’s almost 70. 
      Billy Idol is also aging pretty nicely. This isn’t recent, it’s from 2009, but he was in his mid-50s:

      • My wife adores Sting and has since high school. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that she would dump me in a hot minute to be with him. 

  6. I saw Duran Duran and Bryan Adams many times in the 80’s – also these guys.

    And, a possibly interesting story about this song as it pertains to the tv show One Tree Hill.
    Mark Schwahn, the now disgraced writer show runner of OTH wanted to use this song as the show’s theme song. U2 said no because it’s a really personal song to them about one of their crew member’s death. They rarely play it in concert. Schwahn was like okay then I’ll just make it the title. I was around during all of this and always thought it was kind of shitty of him. 

  7. Difficult to choose a favourite ’80s New Order, let alone a favourite Factory Records band: 
    New Order, “The Perfect Kiss” 

    And let’s go north for some Postcard Records goodness, since the Scottish New Wave is probably my top genre to come out of the ’80s: 
    Orange Juice, “Rip It Up” 

    Josef K, “Sorry for Laughing” 

    • Trouble in the Suez you say? 

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