Deadsplinter Up! All Night: A Forest

Paris, France 1979. A shy, shaggy-haired young man slowly steps up to the microphone. When he opens his mouth, amazingly, Robert Smith’s voice comes out! This was The Cure’s first live performance, and they have now played “A Forest” in front of audiences around the world over a thousand times!



  1. Since DUAN originally was not only just music, I wanted to share one of my other passions, and that is auto racing.

    My favorite driver was always Brazil’s Ayrton Senna.
    Brash, bold, and brilliant, Senna drove open wheels and he won three Formula One Championships.

    Senna’s opening lap at Donington in the rain is often regarded as the greatest single lap in Formula One history, as he navigated his way from fourth place to take the lead. Less than a year later Senna would be gone, as he was killed in a crash while leading at the San Marino Grand Prix in Italy. Senna was just thirty-four.

    • A one of a kind talent. It eventually killed him, sadly, but it was glorious to watch him work.

  2. Forest? Tree. Oliver Tree.

    • This is amazing.

  3. Guided By Voices – I am a Tree

    • I forgot about these guys!

      • They’ve got new stuff coming out in February.

        • Good to know. I’m always on like a decade delay with bands I like these days. I’ll be listening to someone I liked a long time ago on Spotify and see they had a “new” album come out in 2009 or something and get excited haha.

        • To be fair, GBV has new stuff coming out basically every other week. Robert Pollard is fucking prolific.

    • Love Guided by Voices!

    • Where is the guy that used to post GBV every other night on DUAN when you need him? His name was something like Alan Smithee? You guys remember?

      • You are correct. I sent him invites but haven’t heard back.

  4. Porridge Radio – Sweet. WARNING – Flashing lights in clip.

  5. That’s so good. A friend of mine and I were recently talking about how it’s actually too bad he still does the hair and makeup because it doesn’t look good on old Robert. I don’t know, the guy’s a legend, he doesn’t need to wear the costume any more.

    Path Through the Forest – The Factory

    • I think that about a lot of old rock stars.

  6. Frank Black and the Catholics, “Massif Central”

  7. low hanging fruit:

    i was born in 1979 and was more of a hip hop-head/what we now call 80’s/oldies/and rock-head as a young child so i never really got into the cure other than a few songs, but the bassline in this song is awesome! i love this song:

  8. I sometimes sing this in my car at the top of my lungs, even though I’ve never bothered to look at the lyrics so I just make up the words that are hard to understand. I basically sing in a made up language. I’m a decent singer but he’s fucking hard to keep up with. I saw them live right after this album came out and it was one of the most memorable shows of my life.

    God I never go to shows anymore!

    • I don’t go to shows anymore either. I need to make more of an effort.

  9. I love the cure but have a limit before I get too depressed w/ Robert Smith’s voice. This Cure cover though, I love!

    • IKR! Doesn’t help that I am immediately transported back to Jr and Sr years of HS… which just causes general malaise!

    • …this is a bit of a tangent but years ago in the UK there was a sketch show called “the mary whitehouse experience” in which there was a running gag about a man “afflicted with a sarcastic tone of voice” the finale of which seems appropriate?

  10. I think I mentioned the other night that the Cure was one of my first concerts (I had way cooler friends than me)…

  11. …how is this not already taken?

    …& for the forest/tree angle?

  12. hello all
    thought i’d join the party

    • …& I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’re very glad you have

      • cheers 🙂

    • Good to see you farscythe! Love Gogol Bordello.

      • thanks for the invite 🙂
        lots of interesting musics here

        • Every night!

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