Deadsplinter Up! All Night: A Little Off

So wrong, yet so right

don't judge me

Sometime during my high school years, I started to develop a taste for weird things. I don’t know, maybe it was the result of not quite fitting in, but suddenly, it seemed that many of the things I liked were viewed askance by others. This was most apparent in my musical tastes. Now understand, I still enjoyed the same pop music as those around me, but I was also starting to seek out the more…unusual. Eventually, I would seek out others of like mind, but for a while there, it got pretty lonely.

From what I’ve gleaned in my time here at Deadsplinter, I’m betting that the same applies to a lot of you as well. So tonight is the time to share these less mainstream predilections with the group. What’s the music in your life that gives others pause?

Thank you for being here. It makes me feel less alone in the world. Also, thank you for supporting Deadsplinter and DUAN.



  1. My love of classical music and jazz has a lot of my millennial and younger crew thinking I’m a little off – or sadly, a little old. 



  2. My brother raised me on Dr. Demento and Spike Jones so I have always been into weird music.  Whenever I took over for DJ, people would always say yeah we knew you were DJ.




  3. Especially during the early-to-mid Aughts, I was a sucker for subgenres like microhouse, experimental IDM, and found sound. I’ve had relatives and past flatmates call it “unlistenable”, but I don’t care.
    The Books, “Take Time” 

    Autechre, “Nil” 

    And then I was told this was “boring” 
    William Basinksi, excerpt from The Disintegration Loops, I-IV 

  4. I like Handsome Boy Modeling School, and take abuse for it…still

    This was something I liked when the Bee Gees and Saturday Night Fever were the hot song kick, it was not popular with many of my compatriots 


  5. I was the kid who was listening to music from before I was born.  While all of my classmates (none of them were friends) were listening to Michael Jackson, Prince and Culture Club, I was listening to Black Sabbath…


    The Beatles…


    …and Cream.


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