Deadsplinter Up! All Night: A Prayer For The Sane

Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt, House Concert at the McGees!

I know in the past I’ve shared folk songs from my lovely and talented friends Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt. They are Austin based singer-songwriters. (Full disclosure – Carrie and I went to school together – she played a mean game of soccer.)

Danny has a new song out, so I wanted to share a few songs and introduce you all properly.

I mean, how adorable are they?

Then they had a cute little baby. It was a lot of work! (CW: Fertility, Miscarriage)

Did you guys know Math was sexy?

This one is for all of you who stick to sticking with it:

Apropos for Easter weekend:

From Danny with regards to his new song, A Prayer For The Sane:

I wrote and recorded this song exactly one month ago. It’s hard to wrap my brain around how much our consciousness has shifted in twenty eight days. I wrote the song about our political environment, about the cognitive dissonance in the orbits of our worldviews, and about the emotional and intellectual fatigue we’ve all suffered for the last three years.

We’re fast approaching an inflection point, and we can’t begin to restore a sense of common purpose until our collective conversation is informed by honesty, transparency, and factual reality again. And we must be led by someone who honors the truth, and respects those on the other side of it. Only then can we return to civility and decency. And public health.

This isn’t a song about resolving dispute. It’s a song about coming back to the table together, and all of us acknowledging that a table has four legs and a surface that’s solid (and painful when you smack your head against it.)

Carrie and I loved playing the online concert with y’all last Saturday. Watching our community gather virtually from around the world was incredibly heartening! Please please please stay safe and healthy and sane, and vigilant so that we can all get through this with as little loss as possible. 
All the best —

Listen or Download:

You can find Carrie and Danny on Facebook, Spotify, Twitter etc. . . and then please share it with your friends.

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  1. That is a lovely song. And a grand tribute to your friends.

    • Thanks Ellie!

  2. say a lil prayer…. dream a lil dream …. same thing right

    mama cass had a wonderful voice
    but just so i dont lose me questionable image…here

    • ah hell…now im weekend mode i feel a few more blind guardiand covers are in order

        • thank you 🙂
          i wish youtube would tell me what was region locked

          • I don’t understand this region lock nonsense when you can do a simple search and find the same song but unlocked. I could understand it if the song wasn’t available in the US or the EU, but why seperate copies one for US but locked in the EU and for the EU but locked in the US…

        • *boop*

          • incidentally…just incase you were wondering… demons and wizards is blind guardian and iced earth….see theres a link 😀
            turns out if you add awesome powermetal to awesomesome powermetal… you get amazeballs powermetal

  3. here is an old song to go insane to:

  4. Good stuff Meg. I’m surprised this is your first DUAN–you’re a natural:)

    Danny’s style reminds me a bit of Justin Townes Earle – Yuma

  5. Great stuff. Thanks, MegMeg!

    Get Down On Your Knees and Pray

    Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys

  6. Good job Meg! I’m Too Sick to Pray

    If I wasn’t I would be using my Praying Hands

  7. …not quite so recent a vintage but I think it’s safe to say they’re in a fine tradition

  8. Great DUAN Meg! Your friends are very talented.
    Dionne Warwick – I Say a Little Prayer

    The Decemberists – Sucker’s Prayer

  9. My Prayer

    And, even more dramatic in Español:

  10. sam says pray but willie is too sick!

    Sam Cooke – Pray:

    Willie Nelson – Too Sick To Pray [Live from Austin, TX]:

  11. heres me anti prayer 🙂

    *runs around screaming wheres your god now?*

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