Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Aaj (Today)

Today is just the day before tomorrow and the day after yesterday

Since many of us were missing our midweek metal today, I decided to feature the new song from one of my favorite folk metal/hardcore bands these days, Bloodywood. 

I would so love to be on the crew of this video…

I have previously posted this but in case you missed it.  This one makes me think Rage Against the Machine meets Bollywood.  (Probably why their documentary is called Raj Against the Machine).

Looks like they put on a great live show too…  

Now that we have your heart pumping, what you got for us today? If you want to learn more about Bloodywood, here is the documentary about how they started…



  1. Sweet – Live For Today



    • Can I hire you to make playlists for me?

      • Sure, lol. But I could ask the same of you. You’re gonna make me blush. 

  2. Today was today, and tomorrow I’ll do it all again:


  3. I heard that Damon Albarn started some Twitter beef with Taylor Swift, and I want to go on the record as being 100% Team Albarn.

  4. Arka’n — the only heavy metal band in Togo — Tears of the Dead

  5. Alter Bridge – Addicted to Pain

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