Deadsplinter Up! All Night: All the Pie

What are you, some kind of crust punk?

A photo of a pie with a piece cut out of it.
Photo by Pexels user Cats Coming

It’s National Pie Day. Myself, I’m not a huge fan. Not sure why. But I know others are, even if you cannot bake a pie in a Bundt pan. So let ‘er rip.

Load up, gang. It’s gonna be a long week.



  1. Load up, gang. It’s gonna be a long week.


    wait…is that a threat?….goddamnit… monday was rough…i need the rest of the week to be easy

    welp…if pies are out….how about a cuppy cake?

    oh i should not have done that…… now its in my head

  2. “In a VH1 interview [JaniLane] shared his disdain for being known as the ‘Cherry Pie guy’ stating, ‘I could shoot myself in the fucking head for writing that song.’”

    He drank himself to death at age 47.

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