Deadsplinter Up! All Night: And I Wonder Do You Wonder

A Silence Shrieking Volumes



  1. Power to the people.

  2. I eat a banana and apple every day with lunch.

    Ladies and Gentlemen. Please welcome, Harry Chapin….

    He was a young driver,
    Just out on his second job.
    And he was carrying the next day’s pasty fruits

    • I have a cure for your dietary blues Old Man…

    • This was my first thought too!

  3. I wonder about the tears in children’s eyes,

    And I wonder about the soldier that dies,

    I wonder will this hatred ever end,

    I wonder and worry my friend…

    (Sixto) Rodriguez released a couple of albums when he was a young man, but they never took hold in the U.S., so he gave up on his music career and worked as a laborer for decades. Meanwhile, one of his albums had made its way to South Africa and his music was loved for years. He was assumed to be dead, but still, Rodriguez was worshipped and he was South Africa’s Elvis. Only in recent years did Rodriguez and South Africa find each other and he is back playing his wonderful music again. His story is both heartwarming and painful. There is a documentary about his story which is excellent. Rodriguez has been called the Hispanic Bob Dylan.

  4. …also – maybe not to theme & it’s Eric that sings it…& he hadn’t been himself in some time on account of a nastier than usual form of aphasic dementia…but damn it all Terry Jones brought us so many reasons to be cheerful it feels almost disrespectful to be sad on his account

  5. Was wondering if I should post about bananas or wondering if it should be something else but damn, I could use some Banana Puddin about now!

  6. Things can turn crazy fast in a banana republic.

    Warren Zevon – Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

    • The shit has hit the fan!

      I can never listen to that WZ tune without saying that awesome line!

    • Love Warren Zevon.

    • One of my favorite stories about my boss is the day he came into my office and I was listening to this and he said “who is this?”
      Really dude?

    • Allow me to pile on the love for Warren Zevon. So many good tunes but my favorite might be the one he does on Letterman after his cancer diagnosis.

      “Let me break it to you, son”
      Your shit’s fucked up.”
      I said, “my shit’s fucked up?”
      Well, I don’t see how-”
      He said, “The shit that used to work-
      It won’t work now.”

      That was not Letterman, for obvious reasons he performed off air but I understand it was 1st performed after this hit. He and Letterman were good friends and Dave even sings the corus on Hit Somebody.

    • That’s fucking awesome!

  7. nope…no bananas today

  8. Smokin Banana Peels

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