Deadsplinter Up! All Night: And The Oscar Goes To…

What’s your favorite song from the movies? Doesn’t have to be an Oscar winner; anything goes!



  1. I have a few favorites, actually.

    “OK, Ray, we’ll take these axes.”


    “We got two honkeys out there, dressed like Hasidic diamond merchants!”


    “Do you see the light!?”


    “I once knew a hooker named Minnie Mazola.”


  2. Some of my favorite Oscar songs:

    And one that should have won an Oscar:


  3. ill go with the company flag song from the greatest movie ever made

    and ill add this one 

    which i previously thought was an actual entry for eurovision….coz who in their right mind would make a movie about eurovision

    • That gets stuck in my head a lot, so thanks buddy.

      • oh hey…any time pal

  4. Here is a song by Oscar, Breaking My Phone 


  5. Should have won the Oscar instead of Titanic
    Elliott Smith, “Miss Misery” 

    And Prince, of course: 

  6. Love this intro – takes a minute – but a great way to start this movie.

    Laurence Fishburne was so  young in this.


    • The Top Gun soundtrack is top notch!

    • @luigi-vuoto beat me to It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp. I should hate that movie – Terence Howard is a terrible person, and there’s the whole man making money from women’s bodies thing. But… I love it. It reminds me of the old blaxploitation flicks. 

      Whoop That Trick from Hustle and Flow




      And although the song was released almost 40 years before the movie I can’t help thinking of the late great Bob Hoskins as George whenever I hear it.


      Nat King Cole – Mona Lisa





  7. From Repo Man:

    From Valley Girl:

    • You picked both my and my wife’s favorite movies.  I’ll let you guess which one is which.

      • She’s clearly a Repo Man fan.

    • Every song on Repo Man is oscar worthy.

  8. oooo… would be rude not to have this one too

    and this one

    aaaaand this one

    • I worked on Men in Tights – I remember when we filmed this – no good stories about it though – just a regular work day.

      • no bad stories either
        ill take that 🙂

    • The Diva scene in the movie is SO cool, and she’s still one of my favorite  characters😁🤗💖

  9. And I suppose this is cheating a little, but when my stepdad went to see “The Kids Are Alright” this performance got a standing O in the movie theater:

    • Deservedly so. That, for me, is The Who’s peak.

  10. oh wait…i forgot all things disney

    oh man..the froggy princess was a throwback…thats the jazzy soundtrack i love so dearly
    (to be fair..the more modern music ones have generally good music just dont push me buttons like jazz do)


  11. This song–and film–were famously not nominated, because how else could we make room for the groundbreaking classic that still stands up today, Driving Miss Daisy?
    Public Enemy, “Fight the Power” (from Do the Right Thing

  12. I can’t listen to this song without dancing a little. In the car, sitting on the couch, doesn’t matter.

    • In fact, the only thing that really pissed me off about that unnecessary Footloose remake about 10 years ago was those fuckers let Blake Fucking Shelton fuck up this masterpiece by Kenny Loggins. 

      • Blake Shelton has a bland thumb face. 

  13. Honorable mention, due to my username

    “What do you got to lose, you know? You come from nothing,  you going back to nothing. What have you lost? Nothing!”



  15. i also forgot titan A.E
    now that was a most excellent movie

  16. An oscar-nominated song, even if it didn’t win;

    An Oscar winner;

    And one of the best songs from the Disney movie i saw when *I* was “The Sobbing Child in the Movie Theater”**

    **it was the FIRST film I got to see in a movie theater, and I was BROKEN, when Tod & Copper could no longer be friends!😆😂🤣
    The Wee Em was a sobbing SOOOOOO *ANGY*  hot mess, and tried to STORM her 2 1/2-foot tall body alllll the way over to the aisle so she could get out of that screening, to go crack some grownup skulls together, for “NOT LETTING THEM BE FRIENDS!!!
    My mom literally had to pick me up in a bear-hug (laughing!🤣), and “shush” me, telling me, “Just WAIT. Let’s see what happens….”
    Because I was making such a scene in the theater, and I was trying to get into that aisle to bolt out of the theater, to hunt DOWN those cartoon characters who wouldn’t let my Fox and Hound be FRIENDS, and go show Amos & the Widow Tweed exactly why they were being WRONG and NAUGHTY!!!😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
    YES, 5-year-old-me very much UNDERSTOOD that their friendship was an allegory for racism!
    We only had 3 channels back then, one of which was PBS–and there were LOTS of Civil Rights documentaries on back then. So I KNEW what racism was, and that it was a *capital-W*  kind of WRONG…
    The Wee Em happened to be VERY well-versed in her understanding of  “Right vs. Wrong,” thanks to those documentaries on Jim Crow & The Civil Rights Era, a steady viewing of  Golden-Age era Sesame Street & Mr Rogers, *AND* a children’s book collection full of Little Golden Books which were (unintentionally!) VERY feminist & Social-Justice oriented😉💖💞

  17. I think you should write a kids book about the adventures of The Wee Em.

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