Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Animal Crackers

Our dogs had their nails trimmed yesterday. I normally dread the occasion because they do not cooperate. It is amazing how they can make themselves as flat as a pancake when they desire. So that means I’m hunched over holding them up. No fun for the lower back. Much to my surprise everyone behaved well with minimal dog wrangling on my part. Extra treats all around.

The praise didn’t last long. One of the boys sat/laid on Ellie’s head at 5:30 am this morning to tell her we needed to get up and let them out. I am holding out hope that one day when I tell them to go back to sleep they will actually do it.

Hit me with your best animal songs or videos.

Caution- Serious rabbit hole

I can’t help myself.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. My daughter has been begging for a puppy & sending me photoshopped pics of all of us with a puppy.  I’m still not over our last dog & am holding my ground…Bottle Rockets – Dead Dog Memories

    on a much happier note…Tape 5 – Mad Dogs on the Scene

    and one I think Keitel will like from Hawaii’s greatest ska/punk band..The Tantra Monsters – Ultra Monkey


  2. yeah i got nothing but drunken ravings.
    Fuck bill maher for his softball interview of kellyanne conway, he just let her spew.
    yeah, I’m pretending i didn’t hear your voice message, i’m not into talking to you right now
    yeah cat is mad that i called him a momma’s boy, well then don’t jam yourself up against me every time I sit down

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