Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Anthems

Let me hear what you like to play loud and yell back to the stereo.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. Woah-ooh-oh-oh…
    This is a great example of Thorstein Veblen’s concept of “aesthetic nausea.” Something becomes popular. People can’t get enough. Then suddenly something happens and people kind of overdose on it. Mid-century modern decor is another one. If I see one more spindly hanging light or low-slung couch or knock-off Noguchi table…I still like this song though, which is almost never played anymore:


  2. I always sing this one out loud in the car.  One of my fondest moments was on a road trip with a friend, this came on the radio and we sang it out (off key).

    Another musical moment.  In high school we had a “radio” station that played music during lunch period.  Most of the music had to pass the strict morality of our dickbag vice principal so a lot of then current music didn’t make it through.  For some reason he let this one pass.  Anyway, once during lunch the DJ played this one.  A moment I will probably never see again was seeing an entire cafeteria of kids singing this almost in unison.

    I just like this song.

    • Oh god CestLaVie!!! You reminded me, that I forgot THIS ONE!!!😉😃😁

      I actually SCARED a woman, in rush hour traffic once, back when I had my first vehicle (an old rusted-out, absolute BEATER of a 2-door ’87 S-10 blazer…😁)
      I had my windows rolled down, because it was a hot early-fall day, and the truck had heat for winter, but no AC anymore…
      And THAT☝ song came on, and I was just jammin’ and singing along, and the poor woman started, when she realized what the lyrics were, look at 25-year old, short little me, just bopping all around in my driver’s seat, got a HORRIFIED look on her face, VISIBLY cringed and hunched down in her seat, and COMPLETELY white-knuckled it, in the car next to mine😆😂🤣🤣🤣

  3. Loud and yelling along you say?😉
    This one:

    And pretty much this whole album–but here’s the first song;

    And OF COURSE, some Meatloaf;

    Sad but true gets turned up so that that bass drum beat can be felt in the middle of my seat-back, as I’m driving, too😉…

    (honestly I end up listening to MOST of The Black Album, when I put it on, once Sad But True gets me calmed down, The Unforgiven, and ESPECIALLY Nothing Else Matters, with that waltz/ 3/4-beat finish calming me down & I end up relaxed & in a better mood😉😁🤗

    Nickelback is TERRIBLE, and Follow You Home is a damn stalker song, LOADED with Domestic Violence….
    But it’s ALSO an amazing one to crank waaaaaay up, sunroof open & windows-down, at highway or freeway speed, and just let those opening drumbeat wash over you… and *if* your sound system is solid, and mixed juuuuust right–when that low note starts holding & buzzing after the guitar/bass come in, you can FEEL it in your whole body, and terrible as the band–and ESPECIALLY that song are, when that guitar drops in…. that *moment* is GOD.DAMNED.AMAZING, when heard on the right sound system, mixed properly (nice and clear in the lower registers, without much/any reverb, and clear, with no mudding-out)😉😁


    (Hell, my roommate, who HATES Nickelback just heard me catch the song to link it, and I cut it off before the lyrics started, and HE asked who it was, because it’s a DAMN good Drum/Guitar/Bass throughline… their LYRICS may be horseshit… but the notes really ARE solid, Y’all….
    there are REASONS they get compared to old Metallica so often, and the *sound* is why😉

    with ALL of these☝☝☝ songs, when I’m upset and my heart’s racing, this really works, to calm me back down…. in a way, I guess I’ve learned to… hijack(?) my psychosomatic system, and use sound to help me relax, when I’m upset or having a hard day…
    hit the freeway in my car, turn her sound system waaaaay up & open (at least crack) the windows & sunroof–so that the sound BOOMS, but then the Soundwave dissipate *quickly* after the booms, too…and pretty soon, my nervous system drops my heartbeat down in sync with that pounding 4/4 or 3/4 time, and I’m not carrying, as much stress & tension😉

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