Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Appetite for Destruction

And in destruction find his fiercest joy. The gods alone create, gods only should destroy.

Tomorrow I start a major project here on the old homestead. We’re going to have the rear entrance of the house, the little structure that covers the stairs going down to the basement door, completely rebuilt. The siding is a mess, the stairs are rotting, and there’s a gap at the foundation where groundhogs dig and try to get in. So the first step is demolition, and I’m going to try to do it myself. What a lovely word, demolition. From the Latin dēmōlītiō “a tearing down”. I’ve got the sledgehammer. I’ve got the heavy duty reciprocating saw. Protective gear. Even the little Kubota tractor with the dozer attachment if need be. And most of all, I’ve got the urge to DO SOME DAMAGE.

How ’bout you help me out with a little playlist to make the work more fun?



    • Oh, j’adore le techno. Since Grace Jones was referenced above and this tune is a recent offering from la belle France, let me dredge up one of the best tunes in the entire catalog:

      Her fascinator (hat)! Could it be more fabulous? It doesn’t really have much to do with destruction, but it’s always good for a listen.

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