DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Are You Delighted?

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(I’m here on a Friday evening because I whined that my Sunday DUANs received few posts, while Keitel recently had an 88 reply DUAN. On the off chance that this is based on timing, he graciously switched spots with me.)

This week, among all the trauma and drama, I ran into three songs which delighted me. Some were because of the lyrics and some were because of the music, but it was a banner week for music that made me smile.

Scott Lavene, Broke. The lyrics are dark and quirky; I think that they make it worth your time to listen to the song. It is about a bloke who wants to kill his mum, food gifts, being dumped by a girlfriend, job issues, and being broke, skint, strapped, and brassic.

Sofia Bolt, Get Out of My Head. I like the lyrics and the music: Last night I had another fuckin’ dream about you, I moved across an ocean to get away from you. Your face, your taste, get out of my head.

Louis Prince, The Number 13. I like the way the music changes up at the 3-minute mark.

Which songs delight you, my friends? And as always, thank you for playing DUAN, and for your support of DeadSplinter.

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  1. I find the B’52’s utterly delightful.


  2. The day he is officially gone, I’m Up in the Morning…


  3. i gotta go with violent delight again

    but i guess it would be rude to leave this one out

    • Dammit, that was gonna be my ‘low hanging fruit’ farscy!

      • lol….uhhh…. whoops?
        oh wait…i forgot…im on the interwebs

      • between this and the food porn, I say we put farscy on probation.
        just kidding farscy! I love you big guy!

  4. Weird electronic pop delights me. 

    Jess Getter – Fear and Delight


      • I thought this might pop up when I posted mine, lol. Fun tune.

        • tbh…for singalong value id go with whats happened to soho

          oh…. nooo… whats happened to soho?

            • …speaking of bumping up the count

              …& much as the memes of him in the last few days have been a delight…one of my fonder memories of the tunes from seasame street has to be this one?

              • don’t hire the count as operator in your elevator

                Classic Sesame Street – The Count Is an Elevator Operator

      • This is such a fun band with such great videos, this one is another great one…


  5. just found this and now i have to share

    • come to think of it…i wonder if they took the band name from this

      • As SOON as i heard them, they reminded me immediately of the Andrews Sisters (a group EVERYONE who grew up in MN in a certain Era knew–much like you HAD to know The Jets!😉😁)
         So in honor of PA, and The Andrews Sisters😉😈

        And just for the sake of reminiscing,some Jets, too😉

  6. “Delight” isn’t a word I usually associate with music, but this dance makes me smile, as do most Babymetal videos in general.

    • theres something incredibly jarring about metal paired with idols
      it is fun tho

  7. This might be a little long, but it was played a lot when the Berlin Wall fell and it feels appropriate:

    • Fun fact:  Beethoven was almost stone deaf by the time he wrote the 5th Symphony, which depressed him considerably.  So, the four signature hits in the piece (bum, bum, bum, bummmmm.  bum, bum, bum, bummmmmm) symbolized death knocking at the door.

    • I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember this, but it was huge:

  8. Roxy Music – No Strange Delight


  9. …so…it’s a bit out of left field but there once was a band named d:ream…who as you can see from this were somewhat of a 90s thing

    …but what makes it delightful (to me anyway) is that the keyboard player went on to get a haircut & put his degree(s) to uses his mother no doubt found much easier to brag about…he’s professor brian cox…& he’s really quite a delight in such places as the BBC radio series “the infinite monkey cage”

    …& while we’re on the subject of things people found to be a delight in the 90s

  10. I’ll drop this here where I hope people are currently paying attention…

    You might get an internal error page whilst clicking around on the site which is because I’m doing stuff so if you do, just click around some more and refresh and all will be well.

        • …depends if you can breed avocados with a high scoville rating

          …myo’s only human…we think?

    • sorry megs..i missed you posting it and doubled up
      my bad

  11. One more, for Ellie’s numbers…

  12. Hi!
    Twenty years later, the way he delivers that one word still cracks me up.

    • …also find I crack a smile when this one comes on

      …or, indeed, this one

      • Thank you for the multiple posts 🤭.

        • …well, the blacksmith’s in no condition to take on another puppy at this point so I like to think we were doing both of you a favor?

  13. I am not a huge Miley fan (or un-fan) but I LOOOVE Stevie, and this mashup is a banger.

  14. Come on DUANers, we can’t let Ellie down now!

  15. I’m not going quietly!!!

  16. Thank you all for playing DUAN this evening. It was nice to see some new faces, and I appreciate the multiple  posts from the regular suspects. Unlike the current political situation, I respectfully concede DUAN dominance to Mr. “88 posts” Blacksmith.

  17. Because I got too busy lately to send Myo all my reasons for thinking Y’all are some SERIOUSLY DELIGHTFUL People, i’ma say some of it here.
    Thanks to ALL of y’all for making us this escape hatch/safety pod–it’s VERY appreciated!
    Like plenty of y’all, I can’t quite remember *which* of the Gawker sites it was that i found first–but i do know that I lurked for literally years.
    I KNOW i was lurk-reading Gawker on the semi-regular by mid 2005, and Jez in 2007-8ish, before I started my burner handle in a fit of pique on Election Night of 2014, when he-of-my-namesake was elected to congress, after MN06 had fiiiinalllllly gotten rid of The Queen of Outer Wingnuttia herself–Michele Bachmann.
    I was LIVID that night, and couldn’t understand *how* people up in that district could be SO.damn.stupid. (Frankly, STILL can’t!😒😒😒)
    The things that drew me in were the conversations down deep in the comments, and the sense of community we always had on the main Pirate Ship Gawker, and her fleet of sub-site-ships, like Jez (the Olden-days FEMINIST Jez, *not* the shallow shell that’s turned into what Tosh.0 used to mockingly accuse the old Jez of being!), Deadspin, Oppo, and the excellent subs like The Powder Room Millihellen, & once I finally realized it *wasn’t* The Powder Room(🤣), GT.
    The parts I’ve always (OBVIOUSLY!) loved, were the conversations–where everyone brought different strengths in & shared. Folks KNOWING shit, sharing that knowledge, and just generally, making the world a better & more knowledgeable place, because we were all willing to share our bits of knowledge so freely😁🤗💖
    That was what *made* the Pirate ship and her sub-blogs feel like a fleet of Pirate Ships. And, as someone who got to experience that community, it set a high bar for me, in what I KNEW i could expect from the interwebs.
    Finding GREAT people, sharing FUN conversations, and gaining incredible amounts of knowledge–because we *all* had our own areas of expertise.
    I know that Dastardly Mime set up the GT escape pod over on Reddit, and i was also lucky enough to get told about the Deadsplinter one–i *think* because Rip seemed to do a bit of a mass following(?) when Splinter was suddenly shuttered. 
    I also WILL freely admit that at first I thought Rip may have been a troll (Sorry Rip!😖🥴💖😉), when i got that first follow, because after my initial joining of GT, I didn’t typically GET followed by anyone other than the burner-bot-accounts and “check out my furniture website!” scammers😆😂🤣
    But I checked out the blogging, and realized pretty soon, that Rip–and ALL of y’all who I hadn’t known well!–is(and ARE!💖) AWESOME😁 (as we ALL know well, now–You guys all ROCK!😉)
    So, in honor of the Old Pirate Ship, which the bastard HOOK, Thiel had burned down to the waterline, i’ll say 
    Bangarang–to ALL of y’all!!!💖💗💓💞💕💝
    You guys are THE BEST, and I’m soooo very happy to be a part of the “Lost Boys & Girls” here😁💝🤗
    And in honor of Pitates, and Lost Boys&Girls, we need some Skrillex😉😁🤗

    And because you guys KNOW me, some ‘Jovis😉💞💝


    • fucking finally…some wubwubs 😀
      have some nazis!

      (hehe…sorry…i cant do anything about the image…and my sense of humour is likewise unfixable….hellova banger tho)

      • “hellova banger tho”
        YES IT IS!!!😉🤣
        (I maaaay have just danced all around our apartment to it😉🤗💖)

    • What a delightful reply!!! So glad to know you.

  18. And yes, it’s a dirge, but as Dirges go, it can be argued to be a delightful–or at least pretty one.
    And in Honor of Big Fitz, who went down 45 years ago this coming Tuesday evening–one of the favorite songs, of the then Wee-Emm’s childhood;

    • Edit, for clarity’s sake😉
      The song was a favorite of mine, when it came out–iirc, around 1978-ish? when I was two or so.
      Big Fitz sank about 3 months before I was born.

      • this was a favourite of mine…when i was two or so

        and no…im not that old….im just a wierd kid
        (also from a family of jazz musicians…that might asplain a thing or two)

  19. hmmm…38 to go…
    i can do this 
    well…i can have a go at least..having to stay on topic does make it harder

  20. oh yeah nightcore !

    i dont know why im so in love with this genre now

  21. aaand i found a new thing i like

  22. ok i was overly optimistic….as of here ive exhausted my supply of delights

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