Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Are You Native??

Brother Noland is known as the father of Jawaiian music (Jamaican reggae and Hawaiian). He has been popular in the islands since the 70’s and continues to entertain today. Jawaiian music has become one of the most popular in Hawaii for better or worst but nobody disputes Brother Noland’s place at the top.

Even though he mostly does Jawaiian, he can still play slack key.

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  1. The past few years I’ve made it a point to google the nominees for the Indigenous Music Awards and give them a listen. There’s a lot of good music being made that most of us aren’t hearing. Like Cary Morin of the Crow Nation

    When I Rise



    And Tanya Tagaq, an Inuk throat singer. 




    • Cool stuff. Our area is lucky enough to have some really good radio stations.  My local one plays the Native Voice One radio feed for several hours each day, they play a great mix of music from the Native American community that you would never hear anywhere else.

      • You’re lucky. I’ve got a very good college station in town but even they only feature indigenous musicians occasionally. And the rest of our radio stinks.

      • After thinking about it I realize it makes sense. You live in an area with an indigenous community. I live in the canelands, it was a shared hunting area that no one tribe was allowed to claim so we never had a permanent settlement. 

        • Yes, we have some very powerful tribes that put tons of money into the community with their casinos & land holdings.  It is great to see the native community here has a voice in most decisions that I don’t see in places further inland.  

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