DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Astronauts

This song came up on my newest playlist, which is now 1,355 songs and 91 hours long. That seems like a crazy number of songs, but bands keep releasing good music and you lovely folks of DUAN keep introducing me to yet more good tunes. I get through the full list in about a week and a half, but I had totally forgotten about this tune, Brasstronaut, by Hawk. It is the only music I have from them.

“Been having this feeling since I was a young man
No one slowing me down

Who really cares if I’m such a narcissist?
I don’t make it there when you’re not around
I don’t want to talk about my feelings
Just wana try”

Hit me with your Astronaut, Brass, or Hawk themed tunes, or any related or unrelated music. It’s a FREE FOR ALL tonight, have at it!

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  1. astronauts are cool n all..but im more of a space cadet

    • Good to see you here!

      • I was still awake 🙂
        But thank you

      • i may be a little slow on the uptake….but every now and then i get the impression eminem might have some issues…

  2. I had a request for “not-English metal with not-too-harsh vocals”


    And a Russian band I found when we were doing the folk metal thing:

    • Thank you! This may go under the heading of “be careful what you asked for.” 😜 I think the folk metal may be more my speed? But I generally like music from Japan, and someone turned us all onto Japanese jazz the other week. So I  can listen to Babymetal, too. Now there is yet another musical path to travel! 

      • …I’m still amused that Rammstein qualify as not-too-harsh vocals

        …clearly I have much to learn

  3. I also had a request for “metal with operatic vocals.”  I initially thought of early Queensryche:

    But you can’t get much more “operatic” than a classically-trained soprano:

    • I love a lot of Queensryche songs! They had a song that was introduced to me about 12 years ago that reminded me of “Hysteria” by Def Leppard that I can’t find for the life of me.

    • ooo ill join the party

      tbh…i wasnt sure if i should put it with operatic vocals…or not to harsh foreignese vocals above…its in the middle

    • I sort of cringe when Captain Kirk the original sings. But hey, at least he is versatile?

  4. Astronauts go to the moon, and it has brass. 2 out of 3

    Donkey – Two On the Moon




    • You are right, two out of three ain’t bad:


  5. Ass Ponys- Astronaut

    • Good tunes, on point.

  6. Lemon Jelly – Space Walk

  7. Declan McKenna – Be an Astronaut (Live Video)

    • Also on point!

  8. Billy Bragg’s first band. Riff Raff – I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut.

    • And this is why we need KB to have headphones that do not leak sound… but good theme choice!

    No brass but how about some Gold?

    • Nailed it, indeed!

    • Cool to be you…too!

      • Yes!

    • A great cover that Keitel will appreciate…


    • Perfect!

  10. The Kinks – Supersonic Rocket Ship


  11. There’s gonna be clear, dark skies here on the farm tonight.  I will be traveling off-world.

    • Nice!

    • I like Craker!

  12. …I don’t know if I’m surprised no one picked this already or disappointed I didn’t have a more original suggestion?

    • The low hanging fruit was just waiting for you to pick it!

    • Loved that album!

    • I LOVE this song. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it.

  13. I’m the Urban Spaceman

    Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

    • Good choice!

  14. There used to be, floating around the Interwebz, a hilarious side-by-side photo of Geraldine Ferraro addressing the 1984 Democratic Convention alongside David Bowie singing “Major Tom” a few years after the song came out. The reader was asked to guess who was who. It seems to have vanished. This isn’t nearly as funny but it’s all I could find. Somewhat astronaut-themed, right? Plus, my second mention of Geraldine Ferraro today!

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