Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Battle of the Sexes!

Man vs Woman Boys vs Girls

Tonight is our first Battle of the Sexes so get ready to rumble! I know this might not be considered politically correct anymore with the onslaught of gender identity politics but feel free to add any other sexes you can find tunes about. Though I identify as male, I was Born of a Woman…

and although I came from a family with a very strong male role model, I definitely came to believe that things are better when women are in control of things. While that shouldn’t be controversial, many may think I am not a Typical Male…

I don’t really want to start a war of the sexes but what the hell, it’s Girls Against Boys, Let’s Get Killed…

I don’t know who will win the battle of the sexes but I do know it is all just a Dysfunctional Relationship…

Thanks for playing along & hope you have a great night.



  1. Harry Belafonte –  Man Smart (Woman Smarter)


    But that doesn’t keep them from mansplaining to us

    Tacocat – Men Explain Things To Me


    But I ain’t gonna break for that

    Lion Babe – Wonder Woman


    • I can’t listen to Macho Man w/out laughing that it is Trump’s favorite song along with YMCA.  Do you think he might come out of the closet and marry Lindsey Graham?

      • Trump: Will you marry me?

        Lindsey: With sad face We’re trying to make it so we’re not allowed  

        Trump: Is that a no?

        Lindsey: No

        Trump: A no no?

        Lindsey: Yes

        Trump: With Tucker Carlson face So it’s a yes?

        Lindsey: It’s a no no but also a yes

        Trump: Does math in head Two negatives make a positive, right? So no means yes?

        Lindsey: YES!

        Trump: That settles it. We’re getting married, no?

        Lindsey: Just as I’ve always said!

        Trump: I thought you said yes

        Lindsey: Yes…I was just mentioning the no no

        Trump: You seem to be flip-flopping & if I wanted to marry a flip-flopper I’d have asked Romney

        Lindsey: NO!!!

        Trump: So it’s a yes?

        Lindsey: Yes

        *Wedding day*

        MSNBC: Lindsey, are you marrying Trump?

        Lindsey: Yes but no no

        FOX News: Lindsey, are you marrying Trump?

        Lindsey: No no

        FOX News: No?

        Lindsey: Yes Walks away angrily

        Local reporter: Lindsey, you seem to say one thing then immediately say the opposite. What do you have to say to your constituents?

        Lindsey: I am always consistent with my answers, it’s the way the fake news media asks the questions

        Local reporter: The only question was whether or not you’re getting married

        Lindsey: Is that so?

        Local Reporter: Yes

        Lindsey: Then yes and no, no?

        *Setting: Mar-a-Lago*

        Lindsey: This ring, I kiss for thee

  2. im a me… i mostly identify as a me too
    not the movement…just the me…as well

    what was the question?
    *backs away from the shitstorm*
    come to think of it…i havent been vaccinated yet…but…im not gay yet either
    so everythings a fact
    anyways….the farscy has been cooked today

  3. If there’s a Hall of Fame for DS comments, I nominate this one. We should save the best ones and have a coffee table book printed at the end of every year or a daily calendar.

  4. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I just cannot see it due to regional copyright blocking. 
    Blur, “Boys and Girls” 

    Garbage, “Androgyny” 

    I love this song. Here’s a bit of background: 

    “Aaron is a character that represents my partner, who is trans,” Kempner explained in a press statement. “It’s not specific to his experience, though…It’s about learning to be comfortable in our skins, whether that means changing our bodies or mindsets.”

    Palehound, “Aaron” 

    • Garbage has a new album coming out this month!
      I’m planning on hitting up a CD store once reopening happens and buying way too many CDs…
      (assuming the local CD stores survived the pandemic…)

      • That’s good to hear. I’ve always liked them, even though I haven’t kept up with them in quite some time. I’m also looking forward to buying a bunch of records and rifling through the bins for new/old music soon. 

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