DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Beneath the Raven Moon

Hi Deadsplinter peeps! With Turkey Day upon us – I thought it would be nice to celebrate our native brothers and sisters. In case you can’t tell – I like the flutes.

Thanks for your support and stopping by!



  1. The late great John Trudell…



    and my twofer from the same legend…


  2. Link Wray, “Rumble” 

    The Band, “The Weight” from The Last Waltz

  3. Redbone:


  4. One good Robbie Robertson deserves another, Broken Arrow


  5. Tanya Tagaq – Tongues



    Burnstick – Some Kind Of Hell




    • I play a Weissenborn lap guitar just like the one the guy in the  Burnstick video is playing.  I’m not as good.  Yet.

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