DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Birthday Month!

Celebrating Your Birth!

I was recently looking over my playlist for a DUAN posting, and it dawned on me that many, many, songs have months in their titles. And of course, I celebrate each of you! So bring it together, and give me a song, band, or lyric that includes your birthday month.

I’ll kick it off with January.

January, Elton John:

January Rain, Psychic Ills:

January, Dan Croll:

Thank you for playing and thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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  1. aha…i understand this challenge! find a song with a month in it!
    *goes with a band with a month in it*

    • my starsign is saggy tardy mess…or something

  2. Julie London – Warm December


    • lol…i should have known we were of the same month really 😀

  3. Earth, Wind & Fire – “Dancing in September”

    (Please wait until the very end of said month to wish me a happy birthday.)


    and this one is more specific, only one day from my birthday…


  6. I have an early March birthday too. I’m sure my mother was singing this while in labor with me:

  7. For all you New Year babies out there, here’s a song and band name combo that sees you: 
    The Decemberists, “January Hymn” 

    An Icelandic “Til hamingju með afmælið!” to you all, no matter when your birthday falls.
    Sugarcubes, “Birthday” 

    • I had a friend who was a Christmas baby. “It was a total rip-off. Sure, I got a couple more presents than everyone else, if anyone remembered!

      This one’s for him. RIP, Christmas Baby: 

      • @MatthewCrawley I definitely give two gifts to Dec 25th birthdays, even though I don’t celebrate Christmas myself. 

  8. The Jesus And Mary Chain – April Skies


  10. My father was a great jokester. Had my father been allowed within 100 yards of where my mother was birthing me (at the time when a woman was giving birth no spectators were allowed), and had he had some portable music-playing device, I’m sure he would have blasted this to hurry her along. Its unofficial name is “The National March.” You’ll recognize it.

  11. Seem to be a lot of these.

  12. nope.
    Am I the only one who keeps thinking those random viral buzzfeed-style “quizes” about your porn name or whatever are just there to vacuum up data about security questions?  or is that just my vestigial paranoia slipping out?

    • Just because you *may* have hatched from an egg, like Mork, doesn’t preclude you from simply choosing an AWESOME  song or two, and *claiming* that was your birthday month, my friend!😉🤣💖
      (At least not as long as you were honest with us, and said, “I just like these songs!”😁)
      If *I* had hatched from an egg, I think I would choose the month November…
      Because then  you can lay claim to the “Rain” theme, since that one’s got some AWESOME songs!😉😁🤗


      (Especially since I can’t think of any *good* songs–except the cheesy shmaltzy “Valentines” day ones, for my *own* month!)
      Except perhaps this *loosely associated* one that always makes me giggle, from the J. Geils Band😉…


      • Ooooh, and another one from that “rainy November” theme, that I forgot to drop in there!😉

      • I still hold that I am a product of spontaneous generation, but at this point, I’ve been involved in so many data leaks, that it might actually be easier to just google my SSN than actually go to my closet and drag out old tax files…

  13. Then you are 100% justified in deciding *not* to play!
    But I still think everyone needs  a good “Birthday Dirge” once in a while.
    So I shall… lounge? (‘cuz it’s far too late to be standing, especially when you hafta be up in a few hours!)… by my decision to choose November rather than my *own* “boring songs” month!😉😁

  14. 5th Dimension – Age of Aquarius

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