DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Black Cadillac

Many of us in the US have tomorrow off for Labor Day, so tonight may be a bonus Saturday night for you. This song should really be a DOT feature, as it leans political, but it is a rocker and I like it, so I’ll just drop it here on DUAN.

Can you see karma’s a bitch?
With your rose-colored glasses
And I hope the robe fits”

Mondo Cozmo, Black Cadillac:

Wishing each of you a wonderfulgood… acceptable week (sigh, it is still 2020; acceptable is aspirational). Thank you for your support of, and participation in, DUAN.

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  1. “or you could be driving two Cadillacs at the same time,
    ones going 45 and ones going 99” – Screaming Blue Messiahs – Twin Cadillac Valentine


    • Good one! My grandfather used to get a new Cadillac every two years. It was his one vice. So he would have agreed that women and Cadillacs go hand in hand.

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