1. So…anything newsy happen over the weekend??

    Good posts this afternoon on Kobe by Constantine & KC Complains A Lot. Thanks!

    The most recent Gist pod was the hits of 1983…


    In the interview, Chris Molanphy is back to talk Mike through the hits of 1983. Enjoying vegemite sandwiches, the rains in Africa, and a bunch of sweet dreams, they indulge in the pop mainstays that continue to persist on the radio and at the karaoke bar.

    This was a great listen and gave me warm fuzzy all day. I spent many a afternoon from school with my air guitar and of all the ones they talked about I loved these guys more…and this song had to be about me.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome. Men at Work…

    Skip de skip, up the road
    Off to school we go
    “Don’t you be a bad boy Johnny
    Don’t you slip up
    Or play the fool”

    • This is such a great song and being a Jonee (Johnny), I relate. It reminds me of being in summer camp in what was probably 1983. I remember walking around camp and from each bunk you could hear blaring a different Men at Work song.

  2. I received an email about a new song by Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs. It reminded me of how much I loved their album 1965 (released in 1998).
    Here is Somethin’ hot to warm up your cold Monday:

  3. TIL today: Tori Amos is still making music and it’s just as dark and whimsical as ever.

    Also, I have a crush on Anneke Van Giersbergen. Her voice just has this characterful aspect to it, especially when complemented by something heavier and crunchier behind her.

    Final confession: I am a sucker for a heavy cover of a non-heavy song. Evidence:

    Or something much more mellow, with her as a feature with another band I love:

    And one more, because Within Temptation is just that good. When you pair them with a siren like Tarja, magic happens.

  4. I’m feeling very melancholy today so I’ll start with a short song by my go to sad band

    Husker Du – Monday Will Never Be the Same

    Followed by a bittersweet John Prine tune – Long Monday

  5. I feel you on this Monday. Two years ago my friend Joe died. And I’ll be goddamned but we rolled him out of the church to Linus and Lucy

    And half of his brothers’ eulogy was “Don’t Stop Believing” quotes

    Miss ya buddy. #fuckcancer

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