1. Blue? Really!?!? This is just another example of East Coast Bais that permeates our national discourse. If you looked out my windows today it has been a mix or grey & white…it has been snowing the last 12 or so hours around here and everyone is in a panic. Good grief! Our office was a skeleton crew today and a lot of talk about being closed. My rule is, if the courts are open then I’ll be at work….unless of course, I am not 😉

    The problem with most music about snow is that they’re holiday tunes and the holidays are over…good riddance…or they’re about drugs, so…

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome…Black Sabbath.

    My eyes are blind but I can see
    The snowflakes glisten on the tree
    The sun no longer sets me free
    I feel there’s no place freezing me

    • I work remotely with a bunch of folks who live in Alaska and Minnesota. I’ve learned to never complain about the cold. Apparently it was -40 in Fairbanks a few days ago. They always win the bad weather discussion on Slack.

  2. We all knew eventually someone would cop out and do the Eiffel 65 song. Might as well be me, kinda.

    Not my favorite from these guys (that goes to either “Baby One More Time” or Salt N Pepa’s “Push It”), but it gets a chuckle.

    As for non-cop out songs, I present the duo of Deepest Roots: The Belief that All is Lost and Darkest Blues: Relief that Nothing Can be Done, from Woods of Ypres’ 3rd album. Because Canadian black metal is excellent.

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