DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Breakups

So, it’s the day after Hallmark’s anointed Anti-Single People Day and it looks like T-Rumps accountants have broken it off with him. Will anything come of it? Who knows, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer criminal.

Hey, it was either this or The Olympics – so…have fun! Thanks for your support.



  1. ill just go with my favourite work sing along at mo…which i have posted before..but meh

    its still on the radio…so we’re still singing along

    especially to the sweary parts…

  2. and my twofer comes with trivia, when Michele Bachmann was on the Jimmy Fallon show, his band played this song as her entry music!



    • As a former resident of MN06 when she was (unfortunately!) it’s rep, I VERY much appreciate that intro, and would like to add this one, as one of the two songs I commonly associated with The Queen of Outer Wingnuttia;

      (The other being the obvious choice of songs with a same word in the title, by Buckcherry😉)

  3. kd lang with Roy Orbison – Crying


    Patsy Cline – Crazy




    • ooh i like that one….thats the other one i like on the radio here

  4. Stiff Little Fingers – I Don’t Like You

    The Boys – Sick On You

  5. Nobody does breakup songs like our country cousins

    • Yep, and here’s my favorites…



  6. Buddy Guy and Norma Jean with a civil back and forth on the appropriate role of door knobs during a breakup —





  7. Don’t know if I’ve posted this before, but here’s the one that gave a voice to mine:

    The Jesus & Mary Chain — “April Skies”

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