DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Bright Eyes

My only reason for posting this is that the red-headed cellist took me to homecoming in the 10th grade.

Happy Monday! Got any tenuous claims to fame?

As always, thanks for your continued support of DUAN and Deadplinter.



  1. The late great Cyril Pahinui was a close family friend & taught my nephew how to play steel guitar.  The uke player in this pic is Peter Moon Jr who is one of my bro’s best friends & I will be drinking beer with him next month.

  2. A ginger cellist is a cool homecoming date even if he didn’t play on Steven Colbert’s show with Bright Eyes!

    One of my roommates briefly  dated Peter Buck. After a couple of weeks he invited her to join him in Europe while REM was in tour. She went but said it was very uncomfortable. Michael Stipe was an ass and treated her like a groupie, which she was not, they hadn’t met at a show, she didn’t pursue him.  After a few months she told Buck she wasn’t built for that life and they amicably parted ways. I met Bill Berry with her when he was in town for some reason. He was sweet and shy.


  3. I have three claims to fame:

    1. I used to date a girl who styled Joe Pepitone’s toupee and she once let me touch it.  It felt funny.
    2. My sister is a cardiac care nurse who took care of Muddy Waters and I got to meet him.
    3. A well-known player for the Chicago Bulls took tai chi lessons from me.

  4. I once met James Hong at a FanExpo who was the eye designer from Blade Runner.

    All the people I met except two were pleasant to talk to…

    One… no surprise is Bill Shatner.  The other was Bruce Boxlighter of B5.  Never meet your heroes ran so true.

    • Not entirely fair.  I did meet Martin Landau aka Rollin Hand of IMF aka Commander John Koenig of Moonbase Alpha aka Bela Lugosi of Ed Wood.  He was great.

      He was surprised I saw a lot of his movies and enjoyed talking about them.  Even the abomination The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan’s Island.

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