DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Cereal Posters

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Cornflake by the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

What a fun band name – it is almost as if they threw random words in a hat and chose the first three drawn. About the name, they say “we wanted something memorable like marmite – you either love it or you hate it”.

Have at it, my friends – and thank you for playing DUAN, and for your support of DeadSplinter.

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    • This reminds me that when I was a sophomore in high school I self-selected to ship myself abroad (a home stay, structured experience, that my parents acquiesced to and paid for) and within 24 hours my host siblings asked me to interpret and transcribe the lyrics to this. I did my best. I’ll try to find the song that they liked the best in their native language.

      • Here it is but the accent is a little off. I guess this must have been the original. In Spanish there are at least two ways to pronounce the “ll” in things like “llamar” (to call–I won’t get into this) and one way is to pronounce it as a “j”, so like “jamar” and the other way is to pronounce it as a “y”, like “yamar.” In dialects it’s sometimes dropped altogether, so it comes out more like “a-MA” but that’s “island Spanish.”
        Regardless, here’s the version I found. There’s a better, faster, more danceable version but I don’t have the patience to dig for it.

        • I got rally hung up on the phrase “such a simple man.” “Un hombre quien…quizás estúpido? O un hombre quien no puede conocer su amor por una amiga? O sea, quizás la amiga sí misma canta que…I give up”
          Armed with my trusty, well-thumbed Bantam paperback dictionary I managed to get through the rest of the song, because someone had gotten a bootleg 45 so we heard it at least 50 times during my interpreting session.
          Then, Patrick Hernandez’s hot hit “Born to Be Alive” hit the charts. I’ll restrict this comment to English. “He is Hernandez, why isn’t he speaking Spanish?” “I don’t know, but in America we have a lot of people who are from Mexico, the families, lots of America was part of Mexico, so maybe his family lived in America so long he never learned how.”
          I found this gem to illustrate what I put up with. It was a labor of love. I disagree with some of the translation but it was a long time ago…

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