Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Changing it up Tonight

It’s that time of year – what are your favorite holiday movies? Least favorite if you have any?

My faves down below – my least favorite is any version of Dickens A Christmas Carol – as a kid I stumbled on a really weird British version on PBS back in the 70’s that was not remotely Christmasy and it scarred me for life.

Can’t help myself – I love ELF.

During my Mom’s bout with cancer – she wanted to feel good so she watched A LOT of Christmas movies – although it goes against all the essence of my being – I grew an affinity for Fred Claus.

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. You might be thinking of 1951’s “A Christmas Carol,” also known as “Scrooge.” Here’s the whole thing:

    In 1951 Britain was still dealing with the aftermath of the war, the bankruptcy, the paralysis, the loss of the Raj and the disastrous consequences of The Partition, the continued rationing long after Germany had given it up after the heroic airlift of 1948. This led to the popular phrase, “Who won this war anyway?” At the time, the average Berliner, at least in the western sectors, probably had a higher standard of living than the average Londoner. Much about this movie would have seemed eerily familiar to its audiences.

    That said, I love all Christmas movies. All of them. However, on Christmas Day itself if I watch anything I refrain from all things Yuletide. We have an extensive Alfred Hitchcock (online) library and this year I’m going to fire up “Strangers on a Train,” I think. Came out in 1951, coincidentally. “Strangers” was Patricia Highsmith’s first novel, and she went on to write the “Ripley” series (like “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”) And you, or I at least, can’t get enough of Farley Granger in his prime.

    • No it wasn’t that one  – it was really weird and kind of gruesome and set in an old castle. It was more like a televised play than a movie or tv show. It was very gray and the ghosts were really creepy. I tried to find it but only found one in the 70’s that could be it from the BBC – but no real info on it.

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