DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Chicks

The Chicks

Way back in 2003, The Chicks experienced ‘cancel culture’ pre-Twitter & Pre-Facebook. If you look at what they actually said, it’s downright benign compared to what gets said these days in public discourse.

“Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all,” the singer said at the time. “We do not want this war, this violence. And we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

Imagine the effect it would have today if we cancelled everyone who’d be ashamed to have their state be associated with the president?

Fortunately, The Chicks are on their way back:

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  1. Skull rings, fast cars, hot chicks, money. A little Iggy Pop to start things off.


    • Let us all stand for the national anthem

      • That made me giggle. 

  2. Here’s another chick that doesn’t take any crap!

        • oooh junkie xl…renamed jxl for the american market coz he did a presley remix and the agents that be decided having junky connected to presley might not make for the best errr…optics?


  3. How about a 2fer Tuesday, Monday edition?  Maybe it’s Tuesday in Bulgaria?


    • Now, now. Last week’s DUAN was a tour de force.

  4. Loving the chicken tunes! 

    Asleep At The Wheel – Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens


    • You want chicken?  I got chicken!!!  Magic Chicken!

  5. I wasn’t quite sure where everyone would go with this but I love it!


    • I didn’t know there were so many chicken songs, lol.

  6. True story. The chicken dance is a wedding staple around here. I loathe the tradition. My only instruction to the DJ was no chicken dance. I left the reception for a few moments… and when I returned found that the best man had bribed the DJ to play it. Not a good look for drunk people with no rhythm.


      • We refused to have “Old Time Rock and Roll,” but we did have Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

        • My family’s wedding staple is the Atomic Dog. Nobody wants to see that.

          • Oh my.  My memory fails, but I seem to recall doing the Bus Stop at my wedding.  My best friend back then had been the DJ at La Mere Vipere and after the band was done, he took over and was just ruthless.  

          • Elvira is ours–the uncles/dads dance with the nieces & daughters😉
            When we were little,  us kids used to dance to it, in one of the aunt & uncle’s living room (most of the men in our family can hit the Sterbin notes, so The Oakies have always been a family-favorite). 
            When the first cousins started getting married, of COURSE, Elvira got played at the receptions, and it’s remained ever since😉😁💖
            And for anyone who *doesn’t* know The Oak Ridge Boys, here it is;

  7. Rufus Thomas – Funky Chicken




  8. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (featuring Rufus Thomas) – “Chicken Dog”

    Joe Bataan – Chick-a-Boom

    • Fine record.  Joe Bataan had a bunch of ’em.

  10. The Chicks – Ace Of Spades (Live)

    I don’t think you can have AoS without lemmy’s voice though…


    Lemmy, Slash & Dave Grohl – Ace Of Spades

  11. So, maybe not quite with the title theme, but a song from the same time period, but much more directly critical of the administration at the time:
    Sleater-Kinney, Combat Rock:

    And, going back another decade or so, some more criticism of his dad’s administration:
    Neil Young, Rockin in the Free World:

    It’s almost like that entire party is shit…

  12. Since we’re goin’ with The ‘Chicks tonight, it’s GOTTA be Pink Toenails–because you’ve covered my other faves, yet I don’t see this one😉
    (Probably because it wasn’t on any of the “main” albums);

    And since the other theme seems to be “chicken” and any time I hear country music & “chicken” together, I think of the line “And when them chicken-fried steaks arrived, she said ‘I like livin’ liiike thiiis…'”
    This one,  by Sammy Kershaw😉;

    I can’t think of a single ‘Jovi song that has a reference to chickens…
    But google found me this bit of perfection, over on Reddit😉😁
    And, apparently the backstory of Livin’ on a Prayer made it into one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, so Yes I can shoehorn my ‘Jovi into darn near *any* topic presented here, goddammit!😉😆😂🤣🤣🤣💖

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