Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Chill Tunes

Take a chill pill, man

Time for a relaxing edition of Friday Night DUAN.

A local radio station here does a show called Chillville, featuring downtempo electronic, acoustic, and otherwise , well, chill music. I thought that would made a good theme for a DUAN.

Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, Deadsplinter

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  1. chill? do i have to?

    oh fine

  2. Peter Murphy – Strange Kind Of Love

  3. I sometimes chill to Stars of the Lid



    But when I really want to go down-tempo, I go old school


    • Ah, yes….

      I haven’t thought about the first album in a while, but the cover is forever seared into my memory and I’m going to dig it up for listening later today.

  4. Some people don’t know how to relax.

    um.. – Aliens Have  No Chill

  5. This is ideally listened to circa 1981 while passing joints in an enormous American-made sedan in a darkened suburban cemetery, or so I’m told

    • I was in that same sedan, except parked by Belmont Harbor.

  6. The Horrors – So Now You Know


  7. If anyone listens to one of the many Chillhop/Chillwave streaming channels out there (with the racoon in a hoodie, or that girl studying whilst her cat mesmerisingly twirls its tail), you’ve likely heard a few Jinsang tracks.

    Jinsang, “feelings.”

    If you’d like to try an immersion tank on a space station, but are lacking in the billions it would take for a civilian to do that, just listen to Spiritualized.

    Spiritualized, “Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space”

    And a nostalgic favourite from a golden age in IDM:

    Tarwater, “All Of The Ants Left Paris”

  8. i ran out of chill

    am now in bouncy mode

  9. 3 AM with Honne


  10. Chilling in a bth would be nice…


  11. It might be Friday but I’m easy like Sunday morning:

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