Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Clean Up

Photo of a frustrated computer user sitting at their computer desk.
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The second Monday in February is… National Clean Out Your Computer Day. I wish I was making this up, and I wish it wasn’t such a gosh-darn good idea. How are you with the upkeep part of living in the Digital Age?



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  1. Los Super 7 and Clarence Gatemouth Brown – See That My Grave is Kept Clean

    Side note:  Clarence had been diagnosed with terminal cancer before recording this song.

  2. Clean up?  What’s that?

  3. *looks into computer*

    yeah……i feel that like asbestos…..this ones best left undisturbed?

  4. I went to clean out my computer and somebody stuck a bunch of stepmom porn in there.  I can’t imagine who could have done such a thing.

  5. I don’t give into the Temptation to put my files in a New Order.


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