Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Consider the Source

Instrumental Jam

When I heard this band & specifically, this song, I was seriously blown away. I have played it for a few musician friends that were not familiar with this band and they were also speechless.

One friend said, I think it is illegal to have a whammy bar on a bass! I guess it is not. This song the guitarist actually has a fretless neck on his double neck guitar that he shreds on…

This one the guitar sounds like violin & the bass player plays slide? Crazy shit!

Lastly, just some virtuoso playing here…

I hope you enjoyed this ride but if not, it is your own fault when you Consider the Source.



  1. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – All Things Considered


  2. O.o… well that was several something elses

    they are now very much on my radar

    (also i shamelessly stole all your videos and threw them at oppo…coz the reactions to this should be fucking

    seriously impressive stuff

  3. We Are Scientists – Human Resources

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