Deadsplinter Up! All Night: 80’s Pure Pop

Let me hear it.

Thanks for coming around.



  1. From 1979, technically, but I can ignore that. 


    • Oh, this had to be on here!

  2. I haven’t thought about Paul Young in years. When I think of the 80’s probably the most ubiquitous pop star was Michael Jackson. But given everything we know about him I’d rather not post one of his. Madonna was everywhere in the 80’s too. 

    Madonna – Like A Virgin



  3. Okay, I’ll be the one. I actually love these guys and have since the 80’s. This is actually one of my least favorite of their songs.

    One of my faves – 

  4. Oh my God, where to begin? Let’s start with the first video ever broadcast on MTV, at its inception in 1981:

  5. I used to hate this song so much. Now I just laugh at it!

    • That sinks it.  I’m going as Pete Burns for Halloween.  I’ll need hair extensions and an eyepatch.  Everything else, I’ve already got, including the moves.

  6. But how did people dance to this, elderly Cousin Matthew? Well, they did the “I just washed my hands and I’m drying them in open air”

  7. But, elderly Cousin Matthew, what if you were in a crowd and couldn’t dry your hands?

  8. It must have been a fun time to be a gay man, elderly Cousin Matthew. No, it wasn’t, in the 80s AIDS took hold, no one was exactly sure what it was or what to do about it, homophobia was official White House policy and tacitly endorsed by both parties, but at least we had this to dance to:

  9. And let’s not forget Soft Cell – Tainted Love


    • As of today there are only three songs where I remember exactly where I was when I first heard them. “Tainted Love” is the first one, and the circumstances will go unrecorded. The second was in my shitty rathole rent-stabilized kitchen making dinner and over the radio came “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I said out loud, “The 80s are dead.” The third was Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” For this we were in a car in the middle of nowhere squabbling and it came on. I think we were able to get the signal from a college radio station or something. It got us to shut up and listen. The rest of the road trip went smoothly. 

  10. But, elderly Cousin Matthew, the mid-80s must have been a good time to enter the job market, yes? Well, yes. There was actually a labor shortage and my first corporate job offered signing bonuses to even the most junior workers. But it was incredibly materialistic as you’ll see from this one-hit wonder:

  11. I am soooooo unprepared for this DUAN! 80’s is my bag!

    Debbie First!

    My absolute FAVE…Belinda!

    Head. ‘BOUT. TO. EXPLODE.

    Some Elton John!

    Depeche Mode (recorded in ’89)!

    Tell it to my Heart!

    …and the best selling duo OF ALL TIME!


    • Most Excellent playlist, Myopic!

  12. That sounds awfully dreary, work, work, work. 
    In those days there was an unspoken agreement that work was mostly M–F, health insurance would be covered by the employer, there might be a pension plan, I even got my public transportation covered by that first employer. And we had guaranteed vacation days:

    • That sounds like straight up socialism, Elderly Cousin Matthew.  Were you living in the USSR?

      • Nope, cut-throat kill-or-be-killed Manhattan. My first apartment was a 2-bedroom that I shared with a roommate, waiting for my boyfriend’s transfer to come through so he would join me…I don’t even want to think about how little I was paying. I will say that about a year ago I learned of an identical apartment in the building next door, they were kind of twinned buildings, that went for $1.3 million. No doubt upgraded and condo’d in the interim, but still. 

    • So many thanks for “Love Bizarre”! I loved it when it first came out. When I see videos like this I always wonder what happened to the incidental backup singers/accompanists. In this one, for example, the guy shaking the tambourine in the white shirt, who gets plenty of video time, who was he? Was he Prince in disguise? No, so…

      • I remember seeing her play that on SNL and being a li’l smitten.

    • Somebody had to RickRoll!

    • I will have you know that I personally attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade where Rick showed up on a float and RickRolled all of us. It was…it was memorable. I don’t know of anyone who can remember anything about the Macy’s parades except for that one.

    • I think I went to every single Duran Duran concert. And Rick Springfield.

      And Bryan Adams…

      And Cindy Lauper…

      • When Bryan Adams was good instead of sappy.  I get it, he made a lot of bank with sappy.  I just liked his older stuff.


        • We, as Canadians, still need to “cancel” Bryan Adams, though. Especially after that racist rant of his.

          No one at BOOM 97.3 will see this, though.

          • As a virus maker and bat eater… ugh.
            I didn’t notice this.
            Fuck him.

          • That’s right – I forgot about that. Guess we’ll have to send Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan back to 1984? 85? to pick him up. Princess Diana would’ve never stood for any of that racist talk. 

  13. It was also the era of Kenny Loggins, the king of 80s soundtracks.  Going Footloose to the Danger Zone.


    • I worked on the Deadbeat Club video. It was my very first production job. I was the parking lot PA. 

  14. Miami Vice turned every episode into a music video.

    Even the ones with Castillo Samurai Ninja Warrior /along with Magnum PI helped begin the tradition of every TV cop or PI with a dark haunted special forces background/

    • Never watched it–mostly because I couldn’t get past the suspension of disbelief with the Ferrari.  Was it good?

      • It was cool to watch as a dumb 14 year old teen who didn’t know shit, but the adult me noticed the stories were quite dumb.
        The soundtrack was part of my yout.

        • Yeah, I can dig that.  There are a lot of shows that I loved when I was a kid, that I’d see 10 or 20 years later and think to myself, “Jesus, I had zero taste in television.”

  15. I never enjoyed the 80’s as a kid and have never felt nostalgia for the decade.  Hated the music (just scrolling down this comment section has been an exercise in pain), hated the clothes, hated the hair and hated the cars.  I was a deeply unpopular farm kid who listned to shit like this:

    Which probably explains why I was deeply unpopular.

    • The drums on that record always sounded like cardboard boxes to me, but it had two of the greatest moments for 80’s metal:

      The dueling guitar solos at 1:41

      The greatest recorded scream of all time at 4:02

      • Cardboard boxes being struck with ping pong paddles is how I always thought of it.  It was a very 80s sound.

        • …maybe it’s just me…but in terms of 80s drum sounds I feel like the 808 drum machine deserves at least an honorable mention

          …so here’s some 808 state

          …or if that doesn’t do it for you…how about the stone roses?

      • I’m beyond disappointed Lemmy that this was not your choice from that album!  My Dad’s Supra, ear splitting volume driving thru Sandys!  

        • Another good one.  Truth told, for me the next album was peak JP:

  16. Terence Trent D’Arby!

    Damn you opened up the floodgates tonight.

  17. I enjoyed Billie Ocean (it would have killed to admit that to my metal head friends.)

  18. First dance floor makeout.
    I should have known my love life would be one weird turn after another.

  19. First high school really really slow dance.
    No insecure guy in my high school ever wanted to admit they liked Wham or George Michael.  I didn’t ever admit it.  Now?  The music was pretty good for its time.  That’s what matters.

    • Technically not 80s but still very 80s. I was the last gay man on earth who was shocked by the revelation that George Michael was gay. 

      • LOL.  Without George Michael’s songs I might still be a virgin.

  20. I wonder whatever happened to Marshall Crenshaw?

    Modern English – Melt With You

  21. No 80s theme video party feels right without the NJ sound.

    My introduction to the Boss (although I didn’t know that Manfred Mann covered a Springsteen tune.)


      • Saw them on that tour in this little club in Portland, Me.

    • Bruce Springsteen was so hot. As I’m sure you know that babe he pulls up on stage was a young Courteney Cox, who went on to play Monica on “Friends.” The dance they’re doing is one I still pull out today. I don’t know if it really has a name but I call it “left elbow down/right knee up and reverse.” I had a (platonic) female friend who absolutely loathed this song and she was my favorite dance partner. When we were out together I’d disappear to the men’s room, and on my way back ask the DJ if he could add it to the play list. It was wildly popular at the time so the DJ would say, “Are you kidding me? It’s coming up [x number of songs from now].” So I’d do a mental countdown and make sure we were on the dance floor during the song that preceded it. 
      “I fucking hate you,” she’d say, as we were dancing in the dark. I was a groomsman at her wedding. As a wedding present (one of several) I asked the cover band to try to perform it. “C’mon, one last time?” So she and I danced to it, much to the bewilderment of her new husband and everyone else. But they all joined in, even though none of them had a particular fondness for The Boss.

      • I swear that video must have been the inspiration for the Elaine dance on Seinfeld.

  22. What’s the 80s without big awful hair?  And hair rock?

  23. …well, damn…seems like I should have been paying attention tonight…was tempted to post “the last to know” but pretty sure technically that was early 90s…so…since I know there are a few tunes left that I did enjoy from the 80s but they’ve pretty much all been displaced from my head by the copious selections above…& I don’t tend to think of it as a decade with a lot of allure in my memories…here’s a mismatched trio for you


    • video #1 won’t play for me so here’s a copy that will play:

      Nik Kershaw – The Riddle

  24. its the morning after now and nobody mentioned it

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