Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Cut Loose

Leave it all on the dance floor

Back in my day, the night before a holiday was the night you could go out and get really wild. The punky/arty scene in Chicago was a pretty open and inclusive bunch, so we’d hit the grimy punk bars and rock clubs and the gay discos and maybe a drag club, some loft party, and probably at least one biker bar. We were fortifying ourselves for the family functions the next day where we’d have to explain why our girlfriend had safety pins through her ears and why we changed our major from pre-Law to English literature.

But for that one night we were gods. We got crazy. I could tell you stories, but I’d have to look up some statutes of limitation first.

So tonight, everybody gets a shot at the turntables. Your free and in charge. Now, I realize that some of you are in parts of the world that don’t celebrate colonialism and genocide of indigenous peoples by stuffing dry turkey and pumpkin pie down your gullets, but thank you for coming by for tonight’s DUAN anyway. I am thankful for all of you.



  1. If we were in Australia we could be having a beach party:

    That’s Buster Keaton fishing toward the end. Written and directed by William Asher, who at the time was also directing his wife Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched. When he and Montgomery divorced he went on to marry Joyce Bulifant, AND THERE’S THAT NAME AGAIN, so maybe that’s why she kept showing up on Match Game despite the fact that no one knew who she was.

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