Deadsplinter up! All night: DANCE PARTY!!!!

Let’s get this party started with all your best dance moves. This is nearly 6 minutes of Love Regenerator, Eli Brown, Calvin Harris – Moving. What do you have?

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    • I misheard Keitel say the band’s name. I thought he said it was “Your Nits Are Effed”. Really, some punk rock group needs to use that as a name.

  1. i just woke up… its almost 3 am……i still have a full bottle of wine
    anyhoo… that means its time to take the dance party to the next level

    yeah just be happy i didnt pick the fucking macarena

  2. First, where I live;

    And Where I live:

    Where we seem to be lately:

    Another part of how we got here;

    (‘Cuz Killer Mike is dropping the TRUTH BOMBS this week!💖)

    Cutting your own path, ‘cuz with the way things are lately, you can’t count on the government OR 911 to be there for backup;

    And a note of hope;

    • So, somehow I messed up my links!😄😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

      The Andra Day Rise Up was supposed to be the bottom one, this was *supposed* to be the “Killer Mike out there dropping the truth bombs”, and everything was supposed to be moved down one, and I couldn’t re-find the first Killer Mike song I *meant* to put in…
      The bear song wasn’t supposed to be in there🥴

      But it wasn’t terrible, either (I just haven’t heard it before!)

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