DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Dancin’!

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Sometimes I really want to dance. Do you want to dance and hold my hand?

Let’s dance!

Maybe we could dance in the moonlight.

If that’s all there is, then let’s keep dancing.

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  1. *bounces*

    HA! bet you didnt see that one coming.

    • This is great!

    • I am both strangely attracted to and uncomfortably anxious to the point of anger by Ginger Root. I am experiencing what has been termed “the irreconcilable dichotomy of cognitive dissonance.”

    • That’s brilliant.  Goes in my playlist right now.

  2. You’re taunting me. But you’re right, you should be dancing:

    • @MatthewCrawley never! But I do see choreographed rollator competition in your future. 😜

      • Why not? Fred Astaire had his walking stick.

  3. I want to Dance Dance Dance…

    but I am Too Stoned to Dance…

    I guess I shouldn’t have done the Dance of the Red Poppies…


    • Oh no, there can only be one “Dance Dance Dance.” “Yowza, yowza, yowza!”

  4. Why don’t you dance with me? I’m not no Limburger.

    B 52’s – Dance This Mess Around


    We could do the Manta Ray

    Pixies – Dancing The Manta Ray


  5. I don’t mind this King Harvest cover. It brings me back to the Aughts. 
    Toploader, “Dancing in the Moonlight” 

    This technically counts because it’s a remix from the Shut Up and Dance remixes album. 🎵Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back🎵
    Paula Abdul, “Opposites Attract (1990 Mix)” 

  6. DeadSplinterites, you are on fire! Boogie like you mean it!

    • @Elliecoo Have another!

      Jonathan Richman – I Was Dancing In the Lesbian Bar


  7. Radio 4 – Dance To The Underground

  8. I won’t dance because I suck at it.

    Blossom Dearie – I Won’t Dance




    • Shalamar! I wonder whatever happenedto them.

  10. How about some Dirty Dancing?!?

  11. And from one of my favorite dance movies, Shag: The Movie. 

    None of you UK’ers get any ideas, it’s good clean fun. 

    • The shag is really fun. My (very Southern) freshman year college roommate taught me how to do it.

  12. You see, I never every do anything nice and easy.  I always do it nice and rough.

  13. I’ve had the part of this song that goes “I’m gonna keep on dancin’, keep on dancin'” stuck as an ear worm for the past couple of days, so now you all well as well. . . .
    Heatwave – “Boogie Nights”

    • I had this on an old record compilation my year older cousin gave me. Maybe K-tel? At the time – pre teen me knew nothing of “the disco” so she gave it to me because she felt sorry for me. I still have it somewhere.

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