DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Days Go By

I used to share an office with a dude and I remember listening to this a lot while we were sitting there reconciling 1099s from the broker to our system.

If you don’t know how to reconcile a 1099, then just consider yourself lucky.

What makes your days go by faster?

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  1. Sleep makes my day go by faster.  Unfortunately, I can’t sleep and work at the same time.  If I could find a job that paid me to sleep at home all day I’d be set for life.
    Weird Al Yankovic – Good Old Days


    •  If I could find a job that paid me to sleep at home all day I’d be set for life.

      Have you considered becoming a housecat?

  2. I still love that Dirty Vegas song. And the video. Love this one, too.
    The Crystal Method – Comin’ Back


  3. What makes my days go by faster? Nervous Energy




    • Your nervous energy, I’m Nervous Tension


  4. i dont even know what a 1099 is…much less how to reconcile with one
    anyhoo..sounds like its a bastard…so i guess im good
    anyways…just keep me busy and the day flies by

  5. When you’re snowed in, waiting for the pandemic to end, and don’t drink or do drugs, nothing makes the days go faster.

  6. Otzeki, Fading Up. As the song says, I’m trying to be wise with my time.


  7. Johnny Socko makes my day go by quicker & puts a pep in my step …


  8. Every day I Rush Rush

    until I get home and think If Tomorrow Never Comes

    I should get to working on the Night Moves

  9. This Paula Abdul video is a forgotten ’90s gem. I don’t think I knew Keanu by name when I first watched it on MTV, and I definitely didn’t yet know it was reduxing Rebel Without a Cause, so in retrospect it just gets better. 

  10. When I’m at work, time goes by…so slowly. 
    Madonna, “Hung Up” 

    It just becomes this endless cycle of nine to five: 
    Dolly Parton, “9 to 5” 

  11. This is off-topic, but something prompted me to include this here. Still snowing, kind of. I made the Irish stew, but I wouldn’t do it again. Or I would, but I looked at five recipes, two of which didn’t include Guinnesss Stout, and I thought a hearty recipe that didn’t include alcohol  would make for a good FYCE post. No, unless I try this again with greater success. 
    I served this with a hearty bread and red wine. The Dog Walker-in-Chief leashed up the Abominable Snow Beast and off they went. I, being a shut-in, got to work. We had a half a bottle of red wine left so I warmed it up with some spices I had on hand and an orange that had been hanging around for a while. God knows where that came from. When they returned we gave the Loyal Hound a good rubdown and I poured my improv Glühwein into two coffee mugs and sang as much as I knew of this song:

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