DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Deadsplinter’s Most Hated

What popular song is like nails on a chalkboard for you? Hannibal mentioned last week – Money for Nothing – which I actually like, but if we all liked the same things – life would be incredibly lame.

So, that I don’t draw any more ire from Lemmy – you may want to log out of your youtube account so that it doesn’t get added to your algorithm.

I have hated this song from the moment of it’s release – so 40ish years.

I hate this song so much, that I’m loathe to even mention it.

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  1. I’m showing my age with this one. A girl in my dorm played this over and over and I hated it so much that I asked her if I could borrow it just so I didn’t have to hear it anymore. She kept asking if I was done with it and I always said no. I don’t remember what happened to it, lol.

    Peaches and Herb – Reunited


  2. There really isn’t any music I hate.  Wait, maybe Kid Rock.

    And so far, I can find a tiny something to enjoy just a little in every single one of the songs you have posted above.  But then, I have pretty shitty taste.

    • @HammerZeitgeist, that album (not just the song–the album, in order!) was one of my favorite Non-‘Jovi albums, during the summer & fall of 2000, especially Beautiful Day, because of Biz’s contributions😉

      It all had to do with the friends I had back then, and the trip we took up to Duluth, when I helped them move there for college & set up their new/first apartment…

      I can definitely relate to hating Steal My Sunshine, though, because it was played everywhere! (Just like the songs I loathed from a couple years earlier!😉💖)

  3. Anything by Greta Van Fleet, because that kid’s voice and delivery drive me absolutely batshit.  I change the channel before he can get a syllable out.  And their cutesy “we’ve barely even heard of Led Zeppelin” act is so obviously a fucking lie.

    And no, you don’t get a song, because of the aforementioned algorithm.

    • @Bryanlsplinter, I never quite realized until hearing that second song, how much an autotuned ’20’s Bieber sounds like the autotuned Cher of 1998!😄😆🤣

      And the *other* “Peaches” (the one i hated, because like both Believe & the Beeb’s Peaches, it was played into the ground;

  4. In no particular order, alllllll of them were terribly overplayed, most back when I went to college in the mid-90’s…

    You couldn’t turn on a pop or “rock”  station without hearing these bands (plus Hansen’s “MMMMMbop”🥴🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮!!!).

    It was bad enough back then up in West-Central MN, that basically my whole senior class made the switch from Pop/Rock to Country & Rock, because even Prince’s songs (off the  Diamonds & Pearls album–in particular the title track & Cream), were run entirely into the ground & annoyed most of us!!!

    TLC’s Waterfalls, Ace of Bases’s The Sign & All That She Wants…

    And then these 😒🙄🤢🤮;

    This one came along later, but I hated it, too…

    Looking back now, at what made me loathe the last Nirvana one–I can freely admit–is the gawdawful whiny quality/tone to Kurt’s voice.

    That’s 100% the reason I can fully appreciate the genius of The Smashing Pumpkins & Billy Corgan, but haaaaaate listening to… pretty much anything/everything the man sings!😖😱🥴

    like harmonies & harmonizing… but discordant harmony, like you can hear in all ^those^ songs, just sets my teeth absolutely on edge.

    Fwiw, yes, I am 99.999% sure I have misophonia!


    Otoh, whenever I’m in a bad/crabby mood?

    I know I can drop this TRASH** song into my car’s CD player, open the sunroof, drop the windows (Pontiacs–and especially later-model Grand Prix’s were incredibly plastic-filled & terribly “buzzy” if the sound can’t dissipate properly!!!😉), hit the road, and usually be completely calmed down by the time the last notes fade out…


    That solid & driving, 4/4 beat of the bass drum–underneath the heavy guitar & string bass that roils *everywhere* (but in perfect harmony!)–somehow always manages to hijack my autonomic-nervous-system…my heartbeat syncs up with that bass drum’s beat, my breathing slows down, adrenaline stops dumping, and my body relaxes…


    But great for calming a racing heartbeat, when it’s cranked up so loud that the drop of the strings crashing back in at 00:50 vibrate your sternum!😉


    **seriously–The lyrics are AWFUL and this song, and frankly most of the other songs I’ve heard by the band have horrible, misogynistic, & anti-feministic lyrics… but the drums, guitar, & bass in this and a few other Nickelback songs are very well written/played.


      • The “Two(-ish) Hour Loop” of songs is the reason I made the switch to MPR/NPR’s news service, back around 2007 or so😆💖

        Trying to do manual work, and hearing the.exact.same.songs, in the exact same order a minimum of 4× a day was making me stabby… MPR wasn’t exactly exciting or “fun” to listen to,but at least it was different every day, and I was able to learn things from it!😉

  5. Kid Rock.  His fate is to be known as the owner of a bar where a drunken moron with a colostomy bag swung it around (ew.)

    Ted Nugent. His songs are crap, amplified by his politics and his cowardice. He always advocates violence, but when push came to shove (Vietnam draft) he literally shit his pants.

    I won’t post anything by them.

    Also Eric Clapton.

    I like Weezer, but I really fucking hate this particular song.

  6. I’ll even own up to everything posted to far, on a scale of “blech” to “enjoy”

    Rupert Holmes – Escape     Blech
    Black Eyed Peas – My Humps  Blech
    Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On     Blech
    David Wilcox – Riverboat Fantasy       Had not heard before, is really terrible!
    Peaches & Herb – Reunited    Fine
    Elton John – Candle in the Wind         Blech
    Alannah Myles – Black Velvet    Fine
    Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know    Enjoy
    Aqua – Barbie Girl       [vomit emoji]
    Village People – YMCA       Fine
    Len – Steal My Sunshine         Meh (though I should say I did not like it back in the day and have warmed up to it)
    Greta Van Fleet           Fine
    Justin Bieber   Kill it with fire
    Presidents of the United States – Peaches     Enjoy
    Cher – Believe    Blech
    The Cranberries – Zombie      Enjoy
    Weezer – Undone       Enjoy
    Beck – Loser     Meh
    Nirvana – You Know You’re Right       Meh
    Nickelback – Next Contestant    Disqualified for being Nickelback
    Weezer – Beverly Hills     Fine

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